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FCC Makes 911 Recommendations to Congress

The increasing array of communication devices and platforms is a challenge to emergency response services. Realizing that the current regulatory status is more a hindrance than a help, the FCC recently issued a report calling on Congress to act in the interest of 911 service providers. In many states, public safety answering points (PSAPs), because […]

Radio Jamming A Growing Problem

It can be a matter of life and death: Private persons using radio-jamming devices to interfere with emergency responder communication. And it’s on the rise. Fire and rescue face extraordinary challenges in their efforts to save the lives and property of Americans everyday. When responding to a call for help, radio communication between responders and […]

KOVA Is Proud To Sponsor The 2014 Police Unity Tour

The men and women of law enforcement dedicate every day to making our world a safer place. Because we know that real dedication to public safety entails risking the highest sacrifice, KOVA is deeply honored to sponsor the Police Unity Tour. History of the Tour The Tour began in early May 1997 when Officer Patrick […]

SilentPartner: Much More Than Just a Data Capture App

KOVA is excited to share a brand new video about our mobile recording platform, SilentPartner, which turns your smartphone into a multi-purpose tool for capturing data while on the go.  There are some apps that help you while away the time with a game, launching birds at unstable structures or decorating virtual cupcakes with virtual […]

I Am a 911 Dispatcher

  To all the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others by becoming 911 dispatchers, we here at KOVA just want to say thank you for constantly standing by and making sure each and every caller is cared for.     I am a 911 dispatcher. I am the one who responds […]

Using EMDR Therapy To Help 911 Dispatchers Cope With Trauma

During certain phases of sleep, our eyes move back and forth rapidly as we process the day’s events in our dreams. Called REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, this phenomenon is connected to the way in which our brains deal with whatever we’ve encountered whether good, bad, or indifferent. The Birth of EMDR In 1987, a […]

6 Vital Leadership Skills for PSAP Supervisors

In the fast-paced, high-stress environment that is a public safety answering point, the leadership qualities of a supervisor are vital to the smooth functioning of the dispatcher team. The rest of the PSAP staff takes its cue from management, so it’s crucial that supervisors develop and fully utilize certain leadership skills in order for their […]

Tips For Making the Most Of A Career Fair

If you’re looking for a career in the contact center industry, the realm of public safety - or any other industry, for that matter - a great place to start your job search is at a career fair. Career fairs bring together companies who are actively recruiting new employees with job seekers who just might […]

How to Find and Hire The Ideal Dispatchers For Your PSAP

While every different job comes with its own set of required skills and talents, the work of a 911 dispatcher is unique. So when a PSAP supervisor interviews job applicants, it’s especially challenging. Public safety answering point professionals must be trustworthy, reliable, thoughtful, alert team players who can learn from their mistakes and remain calm […]

How To Avoid Common PSAP Workforce Problems

Just as in any workplace, public safety answering points come with their own unique set of problems and sources of employee friction. But in the high-stress environment of a PSAP, these issues are often magnified, causing high rates of turnover. In order to make your PSAP run as smoothly as possible, and avoid common workforce […]