Workforce Optimization

Kova specializes in making every customer interaction and effective one. Using our software solutions, we can help your contact center reduce average handle times, provide vital speech analytics & customer sentiment reports, and collect valuable customer data to help further enhance future interactions. Manage your call center employees with insightful scheduling, real-world training, and productivity tools.


We Offer a Range of Services to Optimize Your Workforce

Recording for Contact Centers

We know how expensive it is to get new customers, so keeping your current ones happy is a key to success. Kova recording solutions for contact centers provide a high performance platform for the multimedia recording, evaluation, and archiving of calls. One simple interface gives your team access to audio and screen recordings, quality assurance scoring, speech analytics, and more so you have the information needed to ensure your customers stay your customers.

Enterprise Feedback Management Software

Our Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) survey platform helps you discover what customers believe about your organization and products. With it you can collect and analyze valuable information that will allow you to take necessary action.

Hear the Voice of Your Customers

Uses context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture information across different channels of contact. When integrated with Speech and Text analytics, it transforms unstructured data into actionable information automatically.

Workforce Management

Our Workforce Management solution simplified the complex task of forecasting and scheduling. By having productivity analysis, training, and talent management part of the process, our WFM keeps your organization optimized from all angles.

We'll Set Your Team Up For Success.


We take the time to understand your current environment and note ways where comfortable change could impact your organization. We specialize in integrating into existing systems for a simple and seamless transition.


We understand that the process of choosing a new system for your team can be stressful and confusing. We take the time to help you understand the transition process and train your team on getting up and running quickly and efficiently.


Software is only as smart as it is set up to be. Once integrated, we set up optimizations, automations, and reporting to streamline your team & get the most out of the software.

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