Public Safety Software Solutions.

From mission-critical call recording ,to emergency crash phone systems, and everything in between, our public safety software solutions give government, public, and enterprise organizations the actionable security information they need to be effective in their emergency response, investigations, and analysis.


We Offer a Range of Solutions to Optimize Public Saftey

Audiolog for Public Safety

Audiolog is an advanced multi-media public safety recording and quality assurance system. It can function as a stand-alone recorder/playback unit, or as a specialized server within a networked environment. 

KEANS Service

KEANS (KOVA Emergency Alert Notification System) provides reliable, simultaneous communication between multiple locations, agencies, business partners, and public address systems (such as loudspeakers, bull horns, and audio distribution repeaters). In an emergency, this public safety software saves precious time, resources—and lives.

KAMS Monitoring

All of our customers have many solutions from many vendors that integrate with each other. Through listening to our customers, we consistently heard the problem of inter-solution communication failing and not knowing about it until after a critical event. We created KAMS (Kova Alarm Monitoring Solution) to meet that need. KAMS provides not only the typical Hardware monitoring (CPU usage, memory, drive space, temperature, etc.) along with capturing SNMP alerts and OS events, but also can monitor critical data streams like CDR, P25 traffic, and RTP.

KFRS Audio Request Management Utility

Kova offers an industry unique solution to manage the requests for audio recordings from your organization. The solution can be hosted in the cloud or be on-premise based on your security policies. KFRS allows a request with full details to be placed, and notify your team when it has been made. Your team uploads the file(s) requested to the ticket created, and the requestor is automatically notified when ready for download. Files can be set to be available for only a specified length of time, as well as the number of downloads can be limited.

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Software is only as smart as it is set up to be. Once integrated, we set up optimizations, automations, and reporting to streamline your team & get the most out of the software.

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