Recording and Quality Assurance for Contact Centers.

Our solutions provide an industry leading platform for multimedia recording and performance management. By providing a single tech stack for all of our offerings, your insights are no longer siloed. 

For example, by leveraging Speech Analytics with Quality Assurance, QA forms can be completed automatically through the analysis of the spoken interaction with your customer. Those QA scores can drive automatic training modules to be assigned to an Agent, which are automatically scheduled through our WFM to have the least impact on your service levels.


Audio, Screens, and Data...

Call Recording

A single portal leveraging your current logins provides role-based access to interactions with the customer. Roles determine which functionality is presented for optimizing efficiency.


Client and browser playback options are available, both of which include advanced search and audio log playback capabilities.

Cloud, Premise, or Hybrid

The flexibility of our solution allows us to seamlessly deploy into any environment. We can design fully hosted solutions, cloud applications with local storage, full premise solutions, and everything in between.

Redundant and Resilient

Our solutions can be as resilient and redundant as needed. Design options are available to support 99.999% uptime, geographic resiliency, load balancing, database clustering, and more.

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