Our Products

Whether your organization is searching for enterprise workforce optimization solutions, public safety solutions, or a emergency alerting solution, KOVA has the products and the know-how to customize a solution to fit your unique needs.

Public Safety Software Solutions

Our specialized products integrate varied systems in order to produce a comprehensive picture of security at any given time. KOVA’s solutions offer the public safety community tools to put resources to work in the most efficient and effective way possible. From number plate recognition software to emergency alert notification systems, KOVA provides the very best in public safety solutions.


KEANS (KOVA Emergency Alert Notification System) provides reliable, simultaneous communication between multiple locations, agencies, business partners, and public address systems (such as loudspeakers, bull horns, and audio distribution repeaters). In an emergency, this public safety software saves precious time, resources—and lives.

Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions

Kova specializes in making every customer interaction and effective one. Using our software solutions, we can help your contact center reduce average handle times, provide vital speech analytics & customer sentiment reports, and collect valuable customer data to help further enhance future interactions. Manage your call center employees with insightful scheduling, real-world training, and productivity tools.


All of our customers have many solutions from many vendors that integrate with each other. Through listening to our customers, we consistently heard the problem of inter-solution communication failing and not knowing about it until after a critical event. We created KAMS (Kova Alarm Monitoring Solution) to meet that need. KAMS provides not only the typical Hardware monitoring (CPU usage, memory, drive space, temperature, etc.) along with capturing SNMP alerts and OS events, but also can monitor critical data streams like CDR, P25 traffic, and RTP.

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