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Kova Corp delivers reliable solutions for enterprise and security intelligence, efforts supported by our partnerships with global leaders in public safety and contact centers.

Emergency Texting Services

In an emergency situation, it’s important for people to be able to contact an emergency communications center as quickly as possible. Remember the days when the fastest way to get help on the road was to find a pay phone? Or the scary movies where cutting a landline was all it took to make calling […]

KOVA Recently Awarded GSA Contract with the Federal Government

We here at KOVA are excited to announce that we have just been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract with the federal government! In case you were wondering, the GSA is the centralized authority for the acquisition and management of federal government resources. GSA Schedule Contracts assist federal employees in purchasing products and […]

Should 911 Centers Be Funded by Cell Phone Surcharges or Taxpayer Funds?

The debate has been raging for some time now, and though petitions have been circulated online, the issue still remains. Should 911 call centers be funded by cell phone surcharges or by taxpayer funds? In New York State (as well as in seven other states across the nation), the $1.20 cell phone surcharge, which used […]

Introducing SilentPartner V2!

Up until now, when cellular phones were used on scene by emergency responders – EMS

Choosing the Right Public Safety Software

Choosing the right technology to support public safety initiatives is mission-critical, but can be timely and complex. According to a 2009 study, 68 percent of government information technology projects failed to deliver on time, on budget, and with required features and functions. Moreover, they are almost always extremely costly with consultant fees, the request for […]

The Goal of the Next Generation 9-1-1 Movement

It’s common knowledge that the country’s current 9-1-1 system, which was developed around telephone technology, is not structured to handle a rapidly changing tech culture. We are an increasingly wireless, mobile, image-sharing, data-rich society and it’s imperative that the 9-1-1 systems adapt so that it can support the many channels by which critical information can […]

How Robots Can Step in When Emergencies Arise

When Robby the Robot burst onto the scene in the 1956 movie “Forbidden Planet,” and later as a regular on the television series “Lost in Space,” the 7-foot-tall character fascinated both kids and adults. Of course fans in those days never could have imagined what a vital role robots would play for military, law enforcement, […]

Why Recording Calls Is Crucial to a PSAP’s Success

Evaluating the voice recordings of your public-safety answering point (PSAP) staff can be a time consuming process but it is the best way to monitor the capabilities, compliance, and effectiveness of staff. If you don’t listen in once in awhile, you could be missing issues that could easily be corrected and lead to faster problem […]

How M2M and Wireless Technology Can Improve Public Safety Communications

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology allows machines to talk to each other (send data) through wired or wireless communications, and new applications for M2M, utilizing advances in wireless technology, continue to grow in a wide range of industries. These innovations have been revolutionary both for consumers and the business world. Today we’re also seeing more government entities […]
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