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Traffic Stop Safety Tips for Policemen

Policemen and other public safety officials put their lives on the line every day as they work to protect the public. Their bravery and heroism in the face of danger is what makes it possible for citizens to go about their daily lives with a reasonable assurance of safety. We often hear daily and seasonal […]

Relieving PSAP Stress Through Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

It’s a well-documented fact that dispatchers at 911 call centers can experience much the same negative mental health effects of helping others during emergencies as first responders like EMTs and police officers do. They are just as susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder if their need for psychological support is not met. Fortunately there are steps […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Calling 9-1-1

While 911 is a nationwide phone number, the policies governing its use vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some towns allow citizens to call 911 for any incident requiring police, fire, or medical assistance, while others restrict its use to true emergencies. But regardless of the policies in place, there are certain dos and don’ts that […]

How 911 Dispatchers Can Lessen Victim Trauma

It’s a fact that’s often overlooked, but it’s true nonetheless. A victim’s very first point of contact in an emergency is not the policeman, not the EMT in the ambulance, and not the firefighter. The first person they tell about their emergency, and the first person they receive help from is the 911 dispatcher. Any […]

Social Media and Public Safety

Could the public ever contact 911 for help via Twitter or Facebook? Though public safety answering points are far from implementing that service now, it’s actually something that’s being mulled over by key figures in the industry. Social media is already being tapped for a variety of public safety uses but there are major challenges […]

5 Steps that Will Save you from Holiday Emergencies

As anyone who works at a public safety answering point knows, holidays are always a time of increased emergencies. Emergency call centers are on high alert when the weather takes a turn for the worst, people are traveling, alcohol is being served at parties, heaters are in use 24/7, and holiday decorations are up. Put […]

The 5 Stages of Effective Listening For Any PSAP or Call Center

Whether your call center is a customer service desk, a tech support center, a public safety answering point, a sales division, or anything in between, the most important aspect of each agent’s job is listening. Think about it. Yes, they’re there to fix problems, make sales, or help people. But all of those things are […]

How to Manage Stress at a 911 Call Center?

Working in a 911 call center is, by its nature, a very high-stress job. Carrying the responsibility for other people’s safety and well-being on your shoulders is not an easy burden to bear. And being involved with traumatic emergency after traumatic emergency can definitely take its toll, on both an agent’s physical and mental health. […]

NENA Releases Guide to Handling Text-to-911 in the PSAP

As the call for PSAPs to accept 911 texts becomes more and more widespread, it appears inevitable that emergency call centers will soon have to deal with this additional method of communication. In order to prepare PSAPs for this likelihood, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has released a guide to handling texts to 911, […]

Important Information for PSAPs About New In-Car 911 Buttons

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