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Highway Patrol Officers Do Much, Much More than Catch Speeders

When you ask the average citizen what they think a state highway patrol officer does during his shift, they’re likely to tell you that the officer sits along a highway, points a radar gun at oncoming traffic, and then chases down speeders to write tickets. While yes, state troopers do enforce traffic laws and give […]

6 Forensic Advancements That Are Changing How Police Work Is Done

When you hear mention of the term “forensics,” you may immediately think of television shows like CSI, where a police officer discovers a tiny piece of evidence that can be used to positively identify a criminal. That’s the popular view of police forensics, but only recently have technological advances made actual police forensics resemble something […]

Five Technologies That Could Serve Firefighters

The men and women who fight fires every day are always hoping for new advancements in technology that would make their work easier, and more importantly, safer than it is today. Here are five revolutionary technological advancements that are on the cutting edge of fire safety, and could help firefighters save lives. 1. Virtual reality […]

Six Ways First Responders Can Alleviate Stress

Many non-responders do not understand the toll that being a first responder can take on the mind and body. The stress of being “the one” the public turns to when their worst fears are being realized around them has ill effects, whether a responder wants to admit it or not. This means that taking the […]

Beyond Public Relations: How Law Enforcement Uses Social Media in Crime-solving

Ah, social media: the daily time-sucking tools that have ended friendships over petty squabbles, made celebrities of people who just put the right picture on the right social media account at the right time, and showed us that cats can be pretty darn grumpy. But while many people look at social media as some kind […]

Friend or Foe? Biometrics Can Stop Criminals, but Will the Constitution Suffer?

Biometric technology is advancing at an almost exponential rate, and its impact on law enforcement is only going to grow. Despite the fact that biometric measures will allow police to help keep communities safer and perhaps even allow for cold cases to be solved and criminals brought to justice, there are many who believe these […]

The Keys to Successful Communications in Law Enforcement

In this day of social media, with everything police officers do at risk of being observed and recorded by the public, it’s more important than ever that law enforcement engage in effective communication techniques. The actions of officers in dealing with the public, with government officials, and even with each other can inadvertently escalate situations […]

Developing Trends in Law Enforcement: New Tech and Community-Oriented Policing

When we try to take a look ahead into what the next decade could bring for law enforcement and public safety, there are multiple challenges that could mean significant changes to the way officers interact with their communities. One of the biggest ways to combat these challenges is a new focus on community-oriented policing. Community-oriented […]

Mayberry it Isn’t: The Challenges of Rural Law Enforcement

As we take a look at challenges facing rural law enforcement, we do have to make the disclaimer that no two rural police departments are the same, and while many will face similar challenges, not everything that is mentioned in this article necessarily applies to your local rural police force. Most people don’t know that […]

New Tools for the Good Guys: 3D Printing in Law Enforcement

Advances in technology for law enforcement have fascinated the public for years. That’s why shows like CSI were so successful: the public wants to believe the police have all the advanced tools necessary to bring criminals to justice even when the evidence is hard to find. While much of what’s seen on TV doesn’t much […]
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