KOVA Is Proud To Sponsor The 2014 Police Unity Tour

Written by KOVA Corp

The men and women of law enforcement dedicate every day to making our world a safer place. Because we know that real dedication to public safety entails risking the highest sacrifice, KOVA is deeply honored to sponsor the Police Unity Tour.

History of the Tour

The Tour began in early May 1997 when Officer Patrick P. Montuore of Florham Park Police Department organized a memorial cycling event. This event was meant to raise public awareness of those in law enforcement who had lost their lives in the line of duty and as a way to honor their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families. The first year saw 18 cyclists participate in a four-day, 300-mile long event ride from Florham Park, NJ, to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. That first year raised $18,000 for charity.

Police Unity Tour’s Growth

Last May nearly 1,700 cyclists from nine chapters from as far away as California and Florida turned out for the Tour, raising over 1.72 million dollars, bringing total donations to 14 million. In recognition of the Tour's achievement and its motto, ‘We Ride For Those Who Died,’ the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected the Police Unity Tour to be the sponsor of the National Law Enforcement Museum’s Hall of Remembrance.

How the Funds Raised Are Used

Sponsoring an event like the Police Unity Tour allows us at KOVA to show our sincere respect for the men and women of the thin blue line who face danger every day to make our country safe and stable. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Tour organizers are a model of civic responsibility and their work helps make our communities safer, better places to live. The funds raised by the Tour help:

  • Work towards preventing police fatalities.
  • Research old and new deaths of officers killed in the line of duty.
  • Maintain and operate the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, the Visitors Center and Museum.
  • Conduct ceremonies and other events at the Memorial.
  • Promote the Memorial as a major tourist attraction.
  • Recognize the anniversaries of all line of duty deaths.

Kova’s 2014 Support and Officer Recognition

KOVA would like to congratulate the Mullica and Hammonton Police Departments who have teamed up for the 2014 Four-Day Police Unity Tour. The riders representing New Jersey’s finest are:

  • Capt. Brian Zeck (Mullica PD)
  • Sgt. Sam Angelo (Hammonton PD)
  • Sgt. Ryan Hutton (Mullica PD)
  • Ptl. Don Kunen (Hammonton PD)
  • Ptl. Chris Clements (Hammonton PD)
  • Det. Chris Silva (Mullica PD)
  • Ptl. Mike Jamerson (Mullica PD)
  • Ptl. Jonathon O'Neil (Hammonton PD)
  • Support Officer Terry Tully (Mullica PD)

For all the frustrations, for all the tense moments, for all the near misses, for all the direct hits, and for all the sorrow For the long hours endured without complaint, for the unfounded complaints you receive, and for the thanks you don’t… For being there when you’re needed, for the sterling discharge of duty, and for the pride and integrity that you stand for we at KOVA thank you.

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