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Public Safety Tips: Watch for School Buses This Fall!

As the school year begins, it is useful to recall that the safety of our children is a common responsibility. Because KOVA cares, we’ve gathered together some tips for public safety officials to share with their communities. As the holidays end, children who are used to the lazy days of summer suddenly have a new […]

The History Behind The 9-1-1 Emergency Number

You might be surprised to find out just where and how the number developed. In today’s society we tend to take it for granted that there is always someone we can call for help in case of an emergency. In the event of a home invasion, car accident, or fire, police and emergency services are […]

4 Vital Child Safety Tips

While it’s important to take care of yourself to avoid crisis, it’s also important to take care of those around you that can’t help themselves. While children have a general awareness of things that are going on, it might not occur to them not to take candy from a stranger; that’s why they have to […]

3 Essential Internet Safety Tips

With the rising use of the Internet, it’s becoming more commonplace to be asked for a credit card number or other personal information over the Web. With this growing familiarity with Internet transactions come those who ask for that same information, but are really using this data for themselves. Public safety officials deal with cybercrimes […]

Dispatch Software Solutions For Public Safety Organizations

When communication is a matter of life and death, and response time the best means of ensuring a happy outcome for crisis situations, the system that connects people needs to be fast, sharp, and accurate. The evolving nature of modern telecommunications means that existing systems can expect a burden of upgrades as new technology emerges. […]

Emergency Dispatchers Trained To Coach CPR Save More Lives

Emergency dispatchers can make the difference between life and death. Providing the vital link between a crisis and the corresponding emergency response, dispatchers have helped make our communities safer places. But for all the good work they do, there can sometimes be a missing component in the first response they provide the public. There is […]

NENA Holds Annual Expo

NENA, the National Emergency Number Association, promotes the awareness of 9-1-1 and international three digit emergency communication systems. With 7,000 members in 48 chapters, NENA is the only organization dedicated to 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues. The National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) sponsored three national 9-1-1 meetings in an effort to create industry […]

How 911 Dispatchers Can Handle Frightened Callers

Working in a PSAP means you will more likely than not encounter frightened callers on a daily basis. It’s important to be able to keep these people calm when they call in so that you can get the needed information to be able to dispatch someone to them effectively, and give them the information they […]

Introducing the New Insight Center Remote

KOVA is excited to announce the launch of its latest new product: InsightCenter, Remote Edition! The InsightCenter has always been a vital and valuable element in our Audiolog For Public Safety recording system, allowing users the ability to recreate an incident using audio, video, and even text recordings, all in one place. But now this […]

3 Tips To Prevent Summer Emergencies

As a dispatcher in a public safety answering point, you know that there are some seasons when you receive more calls from people experiencing emergencies, like the holidays and the summer. Here are some public safety tips that you can both use yourself, and pass on to the people you know, to prevent summer emergencies, […]