Dispatch Software Solutions For Public Safety Organizations

Written by KOVA Corp

When communication is a matter of life and death, and response time the best means of ensuring a happy outcome for crisis situations, the system that connects people needs to be fast, sharp, and accurate.

The evolving nature of modern telecommunications means that existing systems can expect a burden of upgrades as new technology emerges. Dispatch software needs to be both efficient and adaptable.

KOVA offers emergency response, local and regional governmental institutions, airports and author authorities and organizations solid responses to their communication needs. The result of years of experience and refinement, KOVA’s public safety solutions can streamline and enhance your communication system. Our systems allow you to meet current needs while keeping an eye on the future.

Public Safety Software You Can Trust

Audiolog is a multimedia recording system that is tailored to suit your communication needs. Audiolog can function as a stand-alone recorder/playback unit, or it can be used as a specialized server within a larger network. Audiolog is able to support full-time simultaneous recording of scheduled, on-demand, or event-driven scenarios.

Audiolog is easy to integrate into existing networks and hardware. Proprietary systems make integration difficult. Instead of requiring extensive refits to merge with in-place structures, the Audiolog system is composed of standard off-the-shelf PC components. This ease of use and adaptability offers Adiolog users many advantages over proprietary systems.

Public Safety Software That Is Economical

The ease of use and support means that Audiolog costs significantly less than other similar systems.

Audiolog incorporates both voice and screen recording, as well as offering flexible storage options (DVD, NAS, CAS, and SAN). Playback and monitoring, system administration, evaluation and reporting are brought together into one smoothly performing package

Public Safety Software That Resists Obsolescence

The user-friendly features of Audiolog extend to shelf life. Rather than planned obsolescence that forces upgrades or trade-ins, KOVA has no plans to discontinue Audiolog.

Your organization can expect a long functional life of the Audiolog system: because it is designed for upgrades, newer technology can be incorporated into existing systems. Audiolog avoids the problem of dispatch software that quickly requires modification or replacement.

Maximum Connectivity And Next Generation Requirements

Audiolog provides maximum recording connectivity with a variety of platforms. Digital PBX/ACD stations; digital/analog trunks; service observe; single step conferencing; radio systems, and VoIP and H.323 systems are all connections that Audiolog supports.

Audiolog’s network design allows multiple recorders to be configured to act as one system. This network feature allows unlimited scalability.

Because public safety communications are constantly evolving, the need for flexibility in system structure to keep pace is an import aspect to consider. Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) in particular is becoming a high priority in planning as the national move to see uniform improvement in 9-1-1 continues to gather momentum. In a climate of change not all dispatch software is created the same. Audiolog is the ideal system to employ. It’s architecture can easily support technological evolution.

KOVA strives to offer the best products for the public safety and security sectors. Its Audiolog recording system is an ideal way to help ensure your communication needs are fulfilled. Combining ease of use, with a flexible operating system that makes upgrades and additions to existing structure swift and feasible, Audiolog can set the course for your communication well into the 21st century.

Is Your Organization Ready to Optimize their Public Safety Systems?