4 Vital Child Safety Tips

Written by KOVA Corp

While it’s important to take care of yourself to avoid crisis, it’s also important to take care of those around you that can’t help themselves. While children have a general awareness of things that are going on, it might not occur to them not to take candy from a stranger; that’s why they have to be reminded. Public safety officials spend a lot of time working to prevent child safety emergencies from occurring. Here are some child safety tips for parents and others that will keep them safe and avoid a crisis.

Never leave a child alone in water

There’s a reason why the lifeguard only gets a break during adult swim. While a kid may be the best swimmer on his or her swim team, that still doesn’t mean they know when to stop or won’t get stuck in a scary situation. Splashing and having fun can take their attention away from noticing when they get tired. Soon they can’t doggy paddle anymore and they’re in the middle of the deep end with no one to help. Leaving kids alone will take away that added lifeline they might have if they do run out of steam.

Lock and put away all firearms

Johnny brought his new friend Todd home, and while mom and dad weren’t looking, he took Todd to show him his dad’s new toys. If they’re unlocked and loaded, who knows what will happen when they begin to play without realizing what the gun can do. The best way to ensure no accidents will happen is to keep it locked, unloaded and put away.

Install a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector

This means with batteries. Not only is this important for your kids, but it’s also a home safety tip. Life can get busy, and that annoying beeping sound from the low batteries can make it worse. Don’t just take the batteries out and throw them away without replacing. These alarms may be what alert you and your children fast enough to be able to get out of the house unscathed.

Secure windows and lock doors

Just as no one knows what’s going to come out of a kid’s mouth, no one knows what a kid will decide to do. You may have an 8-year-old daughter who is playing dress up and decides she needs to “go on a princess adventure,” and out the front door she goes. Without you there to protect her, you don’t know what might happen. By keeping all windows and doors locked, you can take another step towards keeping the bad people out and the good ones in.

Keeping your kids safe can be a major part of parenting, but what happens if they’re not your children? By taking advantage of these safety tips, whether they’re your kids or not, you’re helping tomorrow’s generation. At the pool and you see a child’s mom run to the car? Keep an eye on that child while she’s gone. Leaving with your friend and her kids - but she seems to have left the door unlocked in the whirlwind of commotion caused by her twins? Ask for her set of keys and lock up for her. It’s the little lifestyle shifts that can change a parent’s, or a child’s, life forever.

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