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5 Tips to Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring

When you monitor calls for quality in your contact center, what perception do your employees have of the process? Do they feel nervous that they’ll be caught making a mistake? Are they scared they’ll do poorly just once and then lose their job because of it? Part of an effective monitoring system is making sure […]

Introducing KOVA’s New Mobile Recording Solution!

KOVA is excited to announce its latest offering: Our brand new Mobile Recording Solution! Finally, professionals on the go have a way to use their smart phones to capture critical information on site, such as interviews and photos, categorize that data on the spot by assigning it a name or number, and then instantly transmit […]

Introducing SilentPartner V2!

Up until now, when cellular phones were used on scene by emergency responders – EMS

Know the Basics of Contact Center Analytics

There are many tools that contact centers are able to leverage to get the most from their technology, systems, processes, and employees; however, full optimization comes from having the ability to analyze data gathered from the output of these functions. Analyzing this data means gaining insights and lessons that can be used to make continuous […]

Why Recording Calls Is Crucial to a PSAP’s Success

Evaluating the voice recordings of your public-safety answering point (PSAP) staff can be a time consuming process but it is the best way to monitor the capabilities, compliance, and effectiveness of staff. If you don’t listen in once in awhile, you could be missing issues that could easily be corrected and lead to faster problem […]

4 Tips for Finding Top Talent for Your IT Business

The economy appears to be slowly improving and unemployment numbers may be heading downward, but the future looks especially bright if you’re looking for a position in a technology field. According to an InformationWeek 2012 IT staffing report released last fall, 18 percent of big data and analytics focused companies were looking to add to […]