4 Tips for Finding Top Talent for Your IT Business

Written by KOVA Corp

The economy appears to be slowly improving and unemployment numbers may be heading downward, but the future looks especially bright if you’re looking for a position in a technology field. According to an InformationWeek 2012 IT staffing report released last fall, 18 percent of big data and analytics focused companies were looking to add to their staff by more than 30 percent over the next two years; however, 53 percent stated they didn’t think it would be easy to find the qualified people they needed. 1

Because mobile is growing exponentially, the need for app developers will continue to grow. At the same time, dealing with big data challenges and solutions puts technology personnel with analytics expertise in high demand. 2 What can your business do to grow your technology staff?

Think outside the box.

Placing an ad in the Sunday paper isn’t going to cut it in today’s market when looking for these rare, highly skilled professionals. Because they are in such high demand, you need to accept the fact that they probably aren’t looking for work: They essentially need to be tracked down. Try some of these talent recruiting and cultivating strategies to help build your team.

Hire an IT headhunter

A good headhunter, regardless of his or her field of expertise, makes it a point to connect with highly desirable talent—especially those who are currently employed, because they have proven experience in the field and can likely bring new insights to your organization. Headhunters typically know just where to look. Using a headhunter can be costly but it can save you time (which could in turn save you money). If your budget or management prohibits you from outsourcing your IT recruiting, move on to the next tip.

Connect with talent on LinkedIn.

As an individual looking to hire or grow your business, you should dedicate time every week on LinkedIn to connect with the type of talent your business desires. Join LinkedIn groups pertaining to the segments of the technology industry that are relatable to your business, and be sure to initiate and participate in LinkedIn group conversations. You will often run across talent with skills that you are looking to add to your team.

As a business looking to hire, you should have a LinkedIn page that promotes not only your business but also your career opportunities. You can reach specific types of talent posting jobs in LinkedIn groups. Consider placing an ad posting that will come up in the LinkedIn search or newsfeeds of talent in the skillset you desire, even if they’re not looking.

Align yourself with technology-focused schools.

More universities are adding programs for students interested in the analytics and data-driven technology that IT businesses demand. In 2007, North Carolina State University launched a masters program through their Institute for Advanced Analytics that focuses on careers pertaining to the management of big data. 3 Other schools with analytics and data-focused programs include University of Ottawa, Northwestern University, DePaul University, and the University of Connecticut. Network with the instructors and administrative personnel at these schools and participate in any recruiting events they offer or speaking opportunities—in person or online—so you can stay on these new graduates’ radar. 4 Consider creating or offering current internship opportunities to students at these universities so you can get them on board with your business soon after graduation.

Invest in current employees.

If you have tech savvy personnel who want to become experts in these emerging technologies, have your call center management invest their training and education. You already know these individuals fit in your organization because your business has already invested time and money into their employment.. As your business’s and team’s expertise grows, offer to train others through white papers, webinars, seminars, blogs, and more. This will help position your company as thought leaders in your field and as a place where top technology talent wants to work.

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