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Why Recording Calls Is Crucial to a PSAP’s Success

Evaluating the voice recordings of your public-safety answering point (PSAP) staff can be a time consuming process but it is the best way to monitor the capabilities, compliance, and effectiveness of staff. If you don’t listen in once in awhile, you could be missing issues that could easily be corrected and lead to faster problem […]

Interest in BYOD Programs Is Growing – Is Your IT Department Ready?

Employees and businesses are pushing for more robust mobile workforce solutions today, and IT departments have been working to accommodate these requests. As more businesses embrace the use of mobile technology, they need to decide whether to allow employees to use personal devices for work purposes instead of company-issued devices. Bring your own device (BYOD) […]

5 Digital Trends in Customer Service That Are Not Going Away

Enterprises looking to beef up the customer service experience they provide have a wealth of contact center solutions to consider. New innovations seem to be cropping up everyday, many which embrace the digital technology currently available to keep customers – and employees – smiling. In order for any customer service initiative to be successful, it […]
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