Verint SMC: Situation Management Just Got Easier

Written by KOVA Corp

The reality facing today’s public safety and security communities is that the technological infrastructure supporting situation management is often complex and inefficient. Employing a mixture of systems, these elements are often based on proprietary platforms that make it difficult to unify emergency communication. Imagine having one interface that takes relevant data from all of your solutions, allowing you to get all the information you need in one application.  That is what Verint SMC can do for you.

An Open, Scalable, Expandable Platform

Verint SMC is a powerful solution that unifies divergent systems, improving security and increasing the efficiency of situation management. As technology continues to develop at faster and faster rates, public safety and law enforcement officials increasingly face a plethora of solutions that function as disconnected systems. The major hurdle for emergency response officials is the lack of a consistent system facilitating communication and data gathering and sharing.


Verint SMC: The Future of Situation Management

When integration is your biggest concern about emergency and security communication systems, Verint SMC is your path to bringing divergent systems into focus.

Providing overlay to increase situation management and improve security and safety of people, property and assets, the SMC solution provides dependable support for all your needs.

Investigation And Debriefing

  • Verint SMC captures video, voice/audio, screen data, telematics, incident log-books, and related data (including telephone numbers and locations) gathered from a variety of sources with its built-in advanced digital multimedia recording application.
  • By generating comprehensive dashboards and reports, investigations and debriefings can be expedited.

 Real-Time Situation Awareness

  • Verint SMC enables you to obtain actionable insights for real-time action by automating incidents, maps and sensors, people, assets and video.
  • The map display feature allows users to identify where an event has taken place while at the same time monitoring other sensors and cameras within the affected area.
  • Users can quickly access live or recorded information from other sensors in the area for verification and response.

 Preventive Intelligence

  • The Verint SMC system is capable of capturing data from both open source and government databases, in addition to web content and social media, watch lists, and physical sensors and systems such as access control, video, devices and vehicle license plates.
  • A rules-based analytics engine provides preventive intelligence for area and target identification through the correlation and analyses of the data gathered.

 Efficient Response And Notification

  • A Web-based dispatcher provides automatic or manual dispatching as well as ensuring online tracking of responders.
  • In the event of escalation, the mobile functionality of the solution provides a one-click panic notification from a wide variety of mobile devices.
  • A mobile responder manages officers allowing immediate incident acceptance and smart app navigation while maintaining effective privacy and communication features.
  • In circumstances requiring that an emergency notification message be sent to a large number of people across a variety of communication media, Verint SMC ensures reliable and efficient communication in the event of an emergency by automating tailored notifications.

Planning And Compliance

  • An incident dashboard provides users with a geospatial view of incidents, case notes and attachments from multiple operators, data from selected or across various sensors and devices, and step-by-step instructions by operator type.
  • Workstation configuration is saved between user sessions.
  • Reports and audit trail information can analyze trends and incidents after the fact.

When Integration Is Critical

Verint SMC can integrate a wide variety of solutions and devices, including:

  • Mass notification
  • GPS tracking
  • CAD and communications
  • Body Camera Video

Verint SMC brings the latest in expanded technologies and integrations to ensure that your security intelligence and public safety system are integrated for optimal event management.

Is Your Organization Ready to Optimize their Public Safety Systems?