5 Ways To Make Your Contact Center Training More Efficient And Effective

Written by KOVA Corp

Training your contact center agents effectively is big part of running a well-organized center that performs above expectations. It’s also a big part of reducing turnover, the Achilles heel of most contact centers. In the end, it’s all related. Good training makes better agents, leading to a contact center with low turnover and great customer service. Putting it that way makes it sound simple, but if you operate a contact center, you know that it’s anything but. So take a moment to look over these training tips, and see if you can improve efficiency and effectiveness in your training.

  1. Introduce Them To Everyone
    Start training by introducing new agents to department heads, supervisors and the managing director, and make sure they know how to contact them if they need something. Make sure your new agents feel as though they’re part of this team, not just someone with a headset. You can also bring in your top performing agents to give practical tips for how to do the job best. Sometimes you need to take a break from the video or speech and just let your best agents describe how they perform so well.
  2. Make Sure The Training Is Practical
    This means that there should be some hands-on work being done. Give them some role-play scenarios with a common call situation, and make sure they have plenty of hands-on experience with the call center software. Showing someone how to do something just isn’t the same as letting them do it themselves.
  3. Train Individually
    This may seem like a less efficient method, but not everyone is going to grasp the training at the same pace. You may have new agents who take longer to get comfortable and proficient with the software. This doesn’t mean you should let them figure it out on their own. Instead, use individual training when it’s necessary, coaching agents who need a little extra time.
  4. Explain Their Role Thoroughly
    Your agents need to know what their role is within the company, and they need to know how to handle the different types of calls that will be coming through to them every day. Be sure to touch on how important schedule adherence is, and the impact that it has on customer service. Basically, your new agents should have a full understanding of what’s expected of them and how best to accomplish it.
  5. Never Stop Training
    If you want your training to be as effective as possible, then it should be an ongoing conversation. Even agents who have been working with you for a while can use retraining now and then. This helps you correct problems before they become issues for an agent, and it cuts down on turnover. Why hire new agents when you can spend half the time retraining?

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