Why You Need Speech Analytics For Your Call Center

Written by KOVA Corp

Speech analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies in the contact center market, but not everyone has applied this game-changing technology yet. Speech analytics software is great for call centers because it allows you to take data from thousands of calls and conversations and mine it to gain insight about your customers, your contact center agents, and what you can be doing better at your contact center. If you use it properly, you can end up getting a significant competitive advantage. So let's talk about what exactly speech analytics can do for your call center, and why you'll benefit from implementing it.

Help Train Your Agents
When you use speech analytics, you can identify when your agents have trouble handling a certain type of call, when they leave out important information, or even how often they talk over a customer. So instead of wasting time re-training or firing and hiring new agents, you can identify the areas where your agents are weakest, and tailor training to help them deal with those calls.

It's easy to find agents that aren't being proactive or satisfying customers when you use speech analytics. It allows you to specifically coach underperforming agents, without wasting the time of your best agents. And when all your agents are performing their best, your customers will spend less time on the phone and hang up happier.

Customer Satisfaction
Most contact centers implement speech analytics because they are trying to improve the customer experience. Speech analytics doesn't just record the call, but it can also identify the reason for the call and the products mentioned by your agent, even identifying stress in the customer's voice. Tone of voice is important because it may indicate things that the customer isn't actually saying. Simply seeing a transcript of a call doesn't give you the same information about the call.

Hold Times
The software also gives you a way to identify the reasons for excessive hold times. Customers hate being put on hold, but it happens all the time. In many cases, the most you can do is minimize that hold time, and speech analytics gives you the power to place these calls in a single category so that managers can review them to find out what the problem is. You can easily use this technology to identify patterns in your customers' calls, and then change your strategy to meet their needs.

Using speech analytics successfully will reduce customer attrition overall, and give you a better idea of why customers are leaving. When you know why they're leaving, you've already accomplished the first step in changing your strategy to keep customers coming back. Overall, your ability to improve customer service with speech analytics will increase customer satisfaction and keep them from leaving in the first place.

Do you think your customers could benefit from your contact center's use of speech analytics software? To learn more about the system, watch our video on Verint's Speech Analytics. If you like what you see, contact us!

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