Why the Retail Industry Should Consider Outsourcing Customer Support

Written by KOVA Corp

A hot topic in the contact center industry has been whether the retail industry should outsource its customer support. Marked by customers with high standards, margin pressures, and seasonal spikes in demand, it is one of the biggest and most competitive markets. In such a tough climate, the differentiating factor between success and failure often rests in the capacity for customer service.

• In light of this insight, the emerging trend seems to be that more and more retailers are opting to outsource their customer support. In addition to cutting costs, outsourcing customer support leverages multiple channels of communication, frees up energy to focus on the core of the business, and provides a much-needed consistency. Amelia Roberts, a customer service manager, advises, in her blog Why Even Retailers Need Support from Customer Industry, “No retail company would be able to sell its products unless the prospective customers are aware of its existence and offerings. This is why a retailer utilizes every available communication channel and attempts to make its presence felt in its target audience.”

• Outsourcing can bolster customer service though calls, email, live chat, and even social media; however, it also branches out through social media networks and mobile devices. By drawing on a multi-channel customer support, responding to inquiries and complaints while also managing orders becomes a more streamlined process. Customers also appreciate the comfort and convenience of being able to choose support services through a variety of mediums.

• In addition to the benefits that accompany multiple channels of communication, outsourcing contact support frees up a company from the strenuous process of hiring and training employees in an area outside its’ expertise. By allowing a customer support firm to do what they do best, the home company can redirect its resources to what it does best. Such specialization, when accompanied by good coordination, allows excellence in the different aspects of business. Customers are reassured and made loyal by care that is attentive to their needs, reliable, and fine-tuned. Outsourced customer support can make this principle its primary priority, while retailers concentrate on manufacturing the perfect product.

• Finally, a retailer can benefit from outsourcing customer support by the consistency that is maintained through a sector wholly dedicated to providing an affirming and supportive experience for the customer. With outsourced customer support, wait times can be shorter, responses can be more immediate, and there is greater control of courtesy and tact while dealing with issues, not to mention the option of around the clock availability.

Whether one is choosing to outsource customer support, attempting to do it him or herself, or some combination of the two, KOVA Corp’s Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback Software can help collect valuable date regarding the unique strengths and weaknesses of any given organization. The software uses a variety of sophisticated methods to assess performance and strategize solutions so your company can gain a reputation for its unmatched customer service.

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