What is Voice Biometrics and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Written by KOVA Corp

Identity theft is a serious concern for everyone these days, and companies must do what they can to protect their customers’ personal information. Security and fraud have become major concerns for businesses in all industries. Voice biometrics can help provide secure and authentic customer service through your call center by improving authentication processes.

Speech recognition and voice biometrics are sometimes confused. The two are not the same. Speech recognition technology can tell what you are saying but not who is saying it. Voice biometrics are the personal characteristics each person has in their voice. No two voices are the same. There are three main ways your voice identifies you:

  1. What you say (identified by speech recognition).
  2. How you say it (speech patterns, accents, etc.)
  3. Sound waves created by your vocal tract which includes your larynx, mouth, and nose.

Voice biometrics are only concerned with the sound waves your voice makes. Sound waves are very hard to change and are independent of what you say and how you say it, even if you are speaking another language. Using voice biometrics in your business can benefit you by providing increased caller validation, improving your costs, and creating more positive customer interactions.

Increased Caller Validation

It's important for call centers to be proactive when it comes to cyber security. With the use of voice biometrics call centers no longer need to ask a gamut of questions in order to verify a caller’s identity. With voice biometrics, there is no mistaking who is calling - yet it's estimated that 10 to 25% of callers incorrectly answer verification questions. By using voice biometrics in your call center, there is no longer the chance of mistaken identity when verifying a caller is who they say they are. Using voice biometrics in your call center increases security by improving your caller validation process.

Improved Costs

By reducing the steps required for caller verification, call centers are effectively reducing the time it takes to handle customer calls. Reducing the time spent per call significantly reduces the costs associated with each call. Improving call efficiency has the added benefit of also improving call center costs.

Better Customer Interactions

Improving caller verification processes through the use of voice biometrics has benefits for your customers as well. Without having to answer several challenge questions, your customers will have a much more pleasant experience with your call center. Optimizing your call center customer experience means that customers will be more likely to say good things about their experience with your company. Voice biometrics make the authentication process easier and more efficient for your customers as well as your call center agents.

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