Building Holistic Voice of the Customer Program

Written by KOVA Corp


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On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at 1 pm ET, Verint will be teaming up with Loyalty360 to host a webinar covering Voice of the Customer, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Service Recovery – the three vital components in building a holistic Voice of the Customer program.

Verint, Inc. is, of course, the manufacturer of the Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions that we offer here at KOVA. Loyalty360 is a global clearinghouse and think tank, focused on the voice of the customer, and committed to promoting loyalty as a marketing strategy.

In Tuesday’s webinar, you’ll learn how VWR International, a global laboratory supply and distribution center, integrates customer feedback from multiple touch points, including Customer Service, Technical Support, and Web, with periodic relationship surveys to form a holistic Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to improve the customer experience.

The speakers, Nancy PorteVice President of Customer Service at Verint, and Matt Wroblewski, Director of Market Research at VWR International, will share with you how to:

  • Manage the customer experience, measure performance and make improvements
  • Use the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) culture and processes to create value
  • Provide a VoC relationship view – display the customer’s perception of the company across primary experience areas
  • Create a touchpoint survey process – provide customer evaluations of specific interactions for operational analysis and management

Nancy Porte has built Voice of the Customer and Customer Experience Management programs herself, and served as an advisor to others doing so, as well. In her experience, the most successful programs have 7 key elements in common:

  1. There is a strategic commitment to their implementation and ongoing use.
  2. Strong leadership from the top ensures consistency across departments.
  3. Every possible channel of customer communication is leveraged to provide a complete understanding of their voice.
  4. Feedback processes are coordinated on an organization-wide basis, to improve the quality and actionability of the customer voice.
  5. VoC Data is shared with everyone in the company, but it is tailored to be actionable for each viewer.
  6. VoC programs are aligned with Voice of the Employee programs, since it is recognized that employee satisfaction affects customer service.
  7. True changes are implemented based on customer feedback.

She will be sharing her expertise on this subject on Tuesday: tune in to hear more!

Verint is dedicated to providing clients with the latest in Voice of the Customer Analytics. In fact, using the recently expanded Verint Voice of the Customer Analytics portfolio, businesses can capture VoC feedback anytime and anywhere by easily deploying mobile surveys offline or online via the web, email, IVR and now SMS. As a result, organizations can benefit from in-the-moment feedback at the point of experience or transaction—such as a service call, retail purchase or visit to the bank.

Listen in to the webinar this Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at 1 pm ET, and learn how to use feedback from across your organization to build a leading VOC program.

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