Using Metrics to Improve Contact Center Performance

Written by KOVA Corp

Any time communication takes place with customers there is an opportunity to enhance the image of your enterprise. Unfortunately, there are also the pitfalls of leaving the customer with a less than satisfactory experience. Optimizing contact center metrics can be a way to better your communication with customers – and that’s a means to advertise your company at the same time as helping your customer base.

Usable Data

In attempting to measure the efficiency of your contact center’s performance, it’s helpful to consider planning how you will use the data you generate. Don’t underestimate the amount of data you will generate – it can be significant. But less is more – if you won’t use it, don’t bother gathering it.

On The Same Side

Clarity and focus are the hallmarks of any successful internal review of performance. Everyone involved from highest management to frontline team member should communicate the same metric definitions and goals. If there’s no consistency, there is no way to set goals for improvement.


To avoid confusion and retain that clarity and focus, use just two or three measurements. Set realistic time frames for gathering data and stick to them.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Want a better answer? Ask a better question! Keep your survey simple. “Did you get more out of your call than you expected today?”

Keeping It Real

Consider asking your survey questions in real time and let your contact center team member log the information. Any negative feedback can be addressed on the spot. An unhappy customer can be turned around by taking the time to listen to concerns.

Avoid Over-Analysis

Using just a few measurements and being prepared to use the data are the groundwork. Analyzing the data produced, however, can be the area where the whole process breaks down. Constantly returning to data over and over again is a pitfall.

Sample multiple view points from your company to begin the analysis process. It will help make sure everyone is on the same page.

An easy way to evaluate your analysis is periodically to define the perspective. How is this going to help the customer – that’s the bottom line. Identify a goal and move on.

Don’t Micro-Manage

You need your team on board and committed to the measurement process. Micro-managing operational metrics risks disaffecting the men and women on the frontline that drive the measurement and will put in place the goals the process will produce.

Meaningful Objectives

Meaningful objectives are objectives that are meaningful to the customer. If you can’t see how a proposed objective relates to customer satisfaction, it’s not a real goal. Letting the customers’ needs drive goal setting is the key to success.

Bringing Everyone Together

Establish customer service improvement meetings, and plan on holding them at least once every quarter. Bring together representatives from ALL areas of the business involved, from HR and finance to the operational team, to discuss progress towards goals.

By providing non-linear points of contact within your business, you can foster new ideas and new goals to improve your contact center customer relations.

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