How Smart Is Your Smartphone?

Written by KOVA Corp

More than 90% of American adults own a cell phone, with two-thirds of those owning a smartphone. With so many smartphones in use around the country, Americans are taking advantages of the tools that smartphones offer them including navigation, text messaging and access to social networks. Have you ever thought of a smartphone being so smart that it can be used as a public safety solution? If not, continue reading to learn more about how KOVA’s cell phone and mobile recording system has brought smartphones to a new level.

This cell phone and call recording software is known as SilentPartner, the only software program that works as an all-in-one tool that can record audio and capture text messages, photos and videos, organize them into case files and transmit them securely. Essentially, it makes a smartphone even smarter than many people thought possible.

Capture Important Data

Not only is the audio from a call recorded, but the SilentPartner app also captures Caller ID, dialed digits and GPS location, among other details. First responders, investigators and law enforcement officials are the personnel who have the ability to utilize this call recording software as a public safety solution. Those in control of the app can configure it to automatically record all calls, record only when the start button is pressed or record all calls with the option to stop recording at any point during the call.

In addition to call recording, SilentPartner works as an all-around recording device, securely capturing crime scene images or on-site interviews, as examples. The app has the potential to revolutionize the way first responders and investigators do their jobs, and capturing important data is just the beginning.

Organize Information

There are many strengths of the SilentPartner app, starting with its capability to record calls, interviews and photos to its ability to instantly organize that data. Data can be immediately filed into its corresponding case number and available to all other investigators on the case. Facilitating processing into the conventional phone logger at headquarters, the data is encrypted to ensure a secure transfer and simplification of its retrieval at a later point in time.

Advanced Features

Among the advanced features of SilentPartner are speech analytics, which allows you to playback the content of the recording that were made on site. The speech analytics feature will look for trends in content from various cases to discover similarities that may have otherwise gone undetected. This feature can be especially useful for investigators who work across multiple precincts, facilitating the connection in a shorter amount of time than otherwise possible. Other advanced features of SilentPartner include transcription of calls, keyword and phrase searches and communication indices.

There is also a feature in SilentPartner that allows an officer to select the appropriate language, and then Miranda rights will be read to a subject being placed under arrest from the speaker of the phone, while the video camera of the phone records their response.  In a landmark case, a conviction was overturned due to the improper delivery of Miranda Rights.  This feature allows for multiple language support, not just English and Spanish, and can be used to announce Consular Rights as well for LEO’s working in areas with Foreign Nationals.

Professionals who spend time out in the field, including policemen, detectives, insurance workers and health inspectors can benefit from using the SilentPartner app on their smartphones. It goes above and beyond the typical functions of a smartphone, converting it into a call recording software tool that works towards a public safety solution.

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