How the Right Workforce Management Software Can Increase Employee Engagement

Written by KOVA Corp

Employees are the heart of your contact center, yet too often, they’re disengaged and dissatisfied.

When this happens, performance drops - and in turn, so does customer service and your bottom line. One way to help keep employees on task and at the top of their game is to implement workforce optimization and management software.

Workforce optimization and management software helps keep employees feeling valued, even if they work remotely. Motivation increases, because employees are held more accountable.

By implementing the right solution for your contact center, not only will your employees be more engaged, but your business will also rise above the competition. Here’s how the right workforce management software can increase employee engagement and increase your contact center’s success.

Better Time Management

There’s a fine balance to managing workloads. When there’s no system in place for time management, there’s a tendency for employees to abuse break times by taking longer or more frequent breaks. On the flip side, some employees may take on too much work and struggle to complete their tasks in the designated time. A time tracking and workload management tool can help you and your employees be more efficient and happier in their roles. Employees will no longer lack work and get bored, or have too much to do and burn out.

More Fun

Over half the U.S. population regularly plays some form of online game. Increase employee engagement by using a gamified rewards program that’s tied to your time management and productivity software.

The inclusion of leaderboards, graphic trophies, or ranking statuses in your workforce management software will keep your employees checking in to your website to update their productivity.

Rewards are also a great way to show your employees they are valued. When rewards are tangible and considered desirable by your employees, it increases their engagement and loyalty as they strive to earn that vacation they’ve always wanted, or extra time off to spend with their favorite people.

Positive Recognition

A key factor in employee motivation is praise. Employees who receive praise and encouragement on a regular basis are more likely to be engaged in their work. It can be especially important to keep employee morale high during busy times. When work is extra busy, there is a greater chance that employees will be stressed and not functioning at top capacity.

Employee recognition programs are an important part of workforce management software. It’s crucial that employee recognition is compatible with what your employees value - otherwise it won’t work.

Want to know if your employees value your recognition program? Ask them! Use a survey to find out what kind of recognition they prefer.

Workforce management software increases employee engagement by tracking time and productivity to manage workloads, creating a fun work environment, and recognizing hard work through positive reinforcement.To find out if this solution is right for your contact center, contact us today.

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