Retain Your Best Call Center Agents

Written by KOVA Corp

No one likes to lose good employees. It can be costly and it can disrupt workflow and productivity within the organization. And even with efforts in place to keep your top performers on board, no organization can expect zero turnover. However, there are strategies to put in place that can help retain your top call center staff and keep them on as loyal, productive, long-term contributors.

Start by hiring the right people

In order to retain your best call center agents, you need to hire the best call center agents. Many personnel consulting firms have development retention tools that pinpoint where gaps exist in your employees’ skills (such a trouble using programs or updated technology and even in the way they follow procedures) and where extra manpower is needed. Utilize these tools to identify exactly whom you need to recruit in terms of qualifications. Secondly, personality tests, competency assessments, and background checks are all helpful in the vetting process because it provides as well a sense for the candidate’s ability to fit in with the company culture, her learning capacity, and professional motivations.  It’s also helpful to know what the candidate’s long-term professional goals are.  If her long-term goals match up with the organization’s career opportunities, it is more likely that she will see it as a place to which she can commit.

Compensation is key

How good employees are compensated plays a key role in how committed they may be to an organization. At the very least, you’ll want to build compensation packages so that they’re in line with market rates and make sure that standard insurance benefits are in place.  You can take it a step further by offering opportunities to earn more by offering bonus incentives for outstanding work. Be open to negotiating with good employees so that they know that good performance is tied to good pay. Remember that even small gestures go a long way! Cake for a birthday, catered lunch, or a simple “Thank you” will make your employees feel appreciated.

Invest in professional development

Employees know that they are valued when an organization takes steps to develop them professionally. By providing a diverse set of training opportunities you will keep employees engaged and connected to what’s going on in your company and  industry. After all, a reported 76 percent of employees would like to have opportunities for career growth.

Goal-setting and helping employees map out their career path builds trust, and trust often leads to loyalty. Communicate your organization’s commitment to equal opportunities for advancement and express openly to an employee that you value her work and contributions to the team and therefore want her to be a part of the continued growth of the company.

Foster a positive company culture of communication and respect

As a leader within the organization it is important that you encourage a positive culture within your call center. If you identify that your employees have a low morale, take immediate action to address issues that may be causing the problem. You should listen to your employees’ feedback and then act on it. Your best agents should know that you respect their insight, critical thinking, and understanding of their work. If they are made to feel like a respected member of your team they are likely to stay on board as committed and happy contributors to your call center for the long haul.

These strategies work hand-in-hand. Implementing them consistently and with intention will help to ensure that your best team members see your organization as a long-term opportunity to advance their professional goals.

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