Police Officers Answer the Call of Duty

Written by KOVA Corp

It’s easy to take first responders for granted, but they sacrifice a lot every day for public safety. You can show your appreciation for police officers by saying thank you, paying for a meal, making a donation or writing a letter to the editor. Here at KOVA Corp, we work hard to improve public safety software solutions officers might use on the job. We’d like to show our appreciation for police officers by sharing some of the heroic stories we’ve come across.

Kenneth Minnes, Gloucester Township, New Jersey

Even though Kenneth Minnes was off-duty when he came across a serious single-vehicle crash, he still acted quickly to save two lives. Minnes, a rookie New Jersey trooper, removed two people from a smoking car before it became fully engulfed in flames. One of the occupants of the vehicle was losing blood rapidly and Minnes acted quickly to create a tourniquet out of a tree branch and a shirt which helped reduce the victim’s blood loss until EMTs arrived.

Brandon Lavin, Mesa, Arizona

Officer Brandon Lavin was working a marathon route when he noticed one of the participants having trouble walking. The woman suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was forced to walk a mile to work because of the marathon. Lavin noticed the woman kept falling so he threw her over his shoulder and took her to work.

Alex Frazier, Los Angeles, California

After an infant was thrown to the ground during a fight between its parents, Officer Alex Frazier performed CPR on the infant, saving its life. This was also the first time Officer Frazier had performed CPR. The infant’s father was later arrested for throwing the baby to the ground.

Donald Thompson, Los Angeles, California

Donald Thompson witnessed a car crash into a wall and explode into flames. He took action to rescue the driver and climbed right in, suffering first and second degree burns. Thompson was able to cut the driver free from his seatbelt and get him to safety before the car became completely engulfed in flames.

Aaron Blumer, Topeka, Kansas

On his way to a burglary alarm, Officer Aaron Blumer noticed a child playing near a pond. The three-year old autistic boy had wandered away from home and by the time Blumer reached the pond, the boy was in the water, near drowning. Blumer pulled him out and brought him to safety.

Rick Bohlmann, Fayette County, Texas

A concerned citizen stopped Deputy Rick Bohlmann to tell him about a stalled vehicle with blood around it. Upon arriving at the car, Bohlmann found a man in the driver’s seat with a gun beside him. Bohlmann secured the weapon and a boxcutter also at the scene and called for emergency medics.

Whether it’s a domestic dispute, an car crash, or a fire, police officers are at the ready and an integral component of public safety. KOVA Corp is proud to provide software solutions for first responders. Whether it’s reliable communication, situation management, or quality assurance, KOVA has the software solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our public safety software solutions.

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