I Am A Police Officer

Written by KOVA Corp



To all the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others by becoming police officers, we here at KOVA just want to say thank you.

Police Officer


I am a police officer.


I get up in the morning, just like you.

I drink my coffee, just like you.

I hug my spouse.

I hug my kids.

And I say I love you, just like you -

But I never know if I'll come home at the end of my shift.

I am a police officer.


I get into my squad car.

I set my own self-interests aside.

I put myself in danger to keep you safe.

Your security is my responsibility.

I protect. I serve.

I’ll give my life to save yours.

I am a police officer.


I break up gang fights.

I bust drug rings.

I stop murders.

Somebody has to.


I get yelled at and spit on.

I get called names and cussed at.

I get death threats and complaints.

I am a police officer.


I don’t do it for the pay.

I don’t do it for the recognition.

I don’t do it for the peace of mind.

I do it because I believe in the law.

In justice. In peace.


I love what I do.

I deal with the insults.

I endure the assaults.

I suffer the stress.

So you don't have to.

I am a police officer.


I am human, just like you.

I have feelings, just like you.

But where I encounter violence, I bring peace.

Where I meet danger, I bring safety.

Where I see weakness, I bring strength.

I am a police officer.


I am proud to wear this badge.

I am honored to protect my community.

This is my calling. This is my life.


I hold strong the blue line.

My brothers who've fallen I honor each day.

The sacrifice they made, we'll never forget.

This is my duty and the burden I carry.

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