Physical Security: Updates in Tech

Written by KOVA Corp

It seems like every time you turn around, something new is happening in the world of technology. Things evolve and change at a quick pace and it’s no different when it comes to public safety. The latest developments in public safety technology include things like video analytics, drones, wearables, and data capture apps. Here’s what’s trending on the physical security front.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance isn’t new but it has come a long way. Many video surveillance systems now incorporate facial recognition and higher quality cameras that are able to provide a much better picture than before. Advances in bandwidth have made it much easier to incorporate high quality video into a physical security management system.

Mobile Devices

Mobile phone apps have revolutionized public safety - however, with the ability to link your security system to your phone comes the added risk that thieves only need to steal your phone to have access to your home or office. Technology updates in this area include improving the function and use of phone locks to prevent something like this from occurring. In the event that your phone is stolen, it won’t be any use to the thief if you’ve locked it down.

Fingerprint Scanning

Biometrics are being incorporated into physical security, making it possible to access security points via fingerprint scanning. This also allows companies to know who is coming and who is going. Fingerprint scanning has even been improved upon with the addition of heat sensors so that now, not only does the fingerprint need to match, but so does the vein structure.

Facial Recognition

As mentioned above, facial recognition coding is one of the advances that has occurred in video surveillance.

But facial recognition in itself isn’t just about matching facial features anymore. The technology has advanced so far that it can even be used to determine whether or not a person is about to do something they shouldn’t. This is done by considering heart rate and eye and retinal changes that are present when someone is being deceitful.

Technological updates to physical security systems such as improved facial recognition, advanced fingerprint scanning, improved safety for mobile devices, and better quality video surveillance all serve to keep our communities safer. Given that technology improves at such a quick pace, you may want to consider advocating for new public safety technology in your organization.

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