Must-Haves When Buying a Workforce Management Solution

Written by KOVA Corp

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Workforce management is a software solution that can benefit nearly every type of company. As a tool that streamlines a variety of business processes, it is versatile and boasts a large number of benefits. Designed to work across all facets of an organization, it can provide detailed forecasting for scheduling accuracy, design balanced work patterns and individually targeted service-level goals.

With such a large number of companies looking to invest in this type of software, it can be difficult to know exactly what features should be considered a necessity and which ones are more of a luxury.

Below are some of the key features to look for when buying a workforce management solution (WFM).

Ease of use across platforms

In today’s business environment, there are number of different devices that contact center employees’ use over the course of the work week. From PCs to Macs to smartphones and tablets, it is vital that your WFM solution is adaptable and responsive to be accessed across as many of these platforms as possible.

By ensuring that the WFM solution can work across all platforms, it facilitates use by allowing employees to access schedules, request holidays and perform shift swaps, for example. Increased usability can be a motivator for employees, facilitator of the work-life balance and, ultimately, lead to an increased level of customer service in the contact center as a whole.

Allow full integration

Month-to-month and year-to-year, the amount of data that contact centers accrue continues to increase. With such a high volume of data and information, it is important that all data, no matter the method of collection, can be integrated and incorporated into each aspect of the business.

Immediate integration of data eliminates the need for importing, exporting or uploading data overnight. Automatic integration across the entire system facilitates the decision-making process and helps the contact center run more smoothly and efficiently.

Among the systems that should be integrated, integration with the cloud will provide the most direct link to the majority of company and customer-level information. In addition, integration of call routing, quality monitoring and any other company wide software solutions can help your contact center stay on top of company-wide analytics and progress.

Forecast based on historic data

One of the major challenges in any contact center is to model and predict the future of the business. With a WFM solution, organizations can effectively model and predict based on the historic data stored in the system. This data can be compared to marketing plans, demand forecasts and other changes such as a new production addition. By allowing the full integration of this information, the WFM solution can create a more efficient use of company resources, forecasted much more accurately.

At KOVA, the Verint Media Recorder Workforce Management Software works to provide a balance of necessity and luxury included in its features. For more information on workforce management solutions and how to outfit your contact center with the best software programs, contact us today.

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