How to Maintain Security in the Cloud

Written by KOVA Corp

As a relatively new development in technology, many companies are beginning to adopt the cloud in their everyday business functions. The cloud is the Internet, meaning a series of servers that communicate to one another, enabling the user to check email, collaborate with other users and store files. This information is completely online, meaning that it can be accessed from any web browser, whether it be on a desktop, laptop or smartphone, essentially making it accessible from anywhere.

Since the cloud is making it easier than ever to access information, it also makes it more difficult to ensure that all of the information remains secure and within the company. For this reason, any contact center utilizing the cloud should adhere to a few, simple guidelines about security and the cloud.

1. Maintain transparency

One of the largest risks when using the cloud is the risk that someone will remove the data from its rightful location. This is critically important, especially for contact centers that can have a large amount of customer information stored as well. When a new person is given access to the information, take your time ensuring that they can be trusted with such valuable property. Ask questions; verify their credentials and double-check the references they provided. If someone accessing the information is not transparent and willing to answer questions about how it will be used, it is ok to be weary of them.

2. Encryption is a must

Encryption is a general Internet safety tip that companies have been doing for years to protect both their own information and that of their customers. When information is stored in a “file” as open as the Internet, installing extra security measures becomes even more important. Encryption can be done on any type of data, including voice recordings, blocking potential thieves from stealing any confidential information.

3. Ensure back-up measures

Reputable cloud vendors have several back-up measures in place to ensure the physical security of your company’s data through a variety of power supplies and by working with a number of Internet service providers. Along the same lines, vendors can offer a disaster recovery solution, which ensures that all information is protected and backed-up in the case of some type of emergency.

Many people are still nervous about putting all of their information into the cloud. The truth is, however, if your company applies the same due diligence in a cloud solution as it does with a premise-based solution, then the information will remain safe. Take the time to locate a reputable, established and proven vendor before making the investment. Locating a vendor with these characteristics, and one that is equipped with essentials security features like two-stage authentication, password required entry and authenticated security certificates indicate a responsible investment.

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