Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics for Customer Satisfaction

Written by KOVA Corp

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to any business because every business, no matter how big or small, depends upon its customers to thrive and flourish. Researchers the world over stress the importance of this aspect of a business continually, more so because it acts as a metric through which organizations can understand, manage and even improve their revenue generation.

The satisfaction of a customer is directly in proportion with the revenue a company generates. Studies have shown that a satisfied customer will contribute 2.5 times more revenue to a company than an unsatisfied customer.

So how does one handle the influx of data when it is gigabytes in size and it becomes humanly impossible to sort it all out correctly and push it through the correct channels? KOVA Corp’s Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics is the answer to that question. It is a software which enables organizations to receive better feedback and consumer satisfaction via thorough collection of raw data and its precise analysis. You can receive feedback from various channels simultaneously and utilize it to generate positive changes within your organization.

Our Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics helps you comb through waves upon waves of data via a secure web-based dashboard, guaranteeing you complete privacy. The following points illustrate its advantages:

  • It automatically categorizes and organizes data into theme and content based categories.
  • It gives you valuable insight regarding customer feedback about the company and its products and services, thus helping you zero in on the source of current and emerging problem areas.
  • It uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to provide you with precise results by analyzing customer sentiments, speeches, linguistic intricacies and other such entities.
  • It acts upon pending problem areas to help you boost the faith of customers in your organization, increase customer loyalty, sales and thus, revenue.
  • It enables you to get details about calls, emails and chats from specific customers.

In today’s tech savvy and internet crazed world, whenever a customer is satisfied with any organization’s product of services, the first thing they’ll do is either share it on a social networking site, or post a positive review on review based websites. Keep in mind, though, that not every customer who feels positively about your brand might want to share glowing reviews online. However, an unsatisfied customer will go out of their way to warn people against your product or services, thus giving negative reviews a higher reach than positive ones.

It’s not possible to comb through every website or forum where such comments, reviews or opinions have been posted about your organization, which is why our Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics is an important asset for you. There are numerous text based channels across the internet from which our software collects its data:

  • Social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook
  • Comments and reviews posted on forums regarding your product or services
  • Chat sessions
  • Relevant news articles on the internet
  • Emails received from customers
  • CRM tools
  • Business intelligence tools

If you’re interested in knowing more, simply contact KOVA today.

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