Verint Media Recorder Performance Management: Meeting Needs, Exceeding Expectations

Written by KOVA Corp

For any call center, standardizing performance metrics can be difficult and time-consuming. Verint Media Recorder Performance Management can help make this tedious and difficult task rather simple. As a unified solution, it provides you with the set of tools and structures needed to not only track but also monitor and improve the performance of your workers.

Here is a closer look at how Verint Media Recorder Performance Management can help your business grow faster than ever before.

Learn Everything about Employee Activity

Many performance solutions provide you with the tools needed to view whether your employees have been meeting their goals or not. While this is important, they rarely go beyond that. Making a substantial investment in a rather simplistic performance metric solution is unwise. Verint Media Recorder overcomes this problem by providing you with the tools you need to not only countercheck with goals, but view performance in line with other assessments and tasks.

For example, you can view whether employees have been completing activities at their scheduled times, if backlogs exist (why and when they started) and even automatically collect information about employee performance as scheduled and required. With a number of advanced features, managers can not only track but adjust workloads to better suit the organization and the abilities of its employees.

Learn the Story behind the Numbers

It’s common for most call centers to measure employee performance based on the amount of work completed in a certain amount of time. However, there are times when employees take breaks, relax and even procrastinate. For some call centers, this may account for a troubling proportion of time. With Verint Media Recorder, you can manage your workforce by learning the real story behind the numbers.

With desktop and process analytics, we help you learn what your employees have been doing during the day. This helps you identify periods of low and high productivity and enable you to help your employees improve their productivity while enhancing employee satisfaction.

Create your Own Reporting Criteria

Many performance metric solutions provide users with a rather standard scorecard. As such, the scorecard may not be right for your company. However, Verint Media Recorder Performance Management provides a host of powerful report card features that let you create your own custom cards. This enables you to score employee performance based on the goals of your organization.

Coach your Employees Online

When employee performance begins to decline, many managers are unable to take relevant action. While they may have identified the problem, they do not have the tools necessary to provide corrective training. With online management tools, you can provide the right coaching solutions to your employees and not only help them correct their decline but go beyond previous performance.

If you need an easy and simple yet powerful way to track the performance of your employees, Verint Media Recorder Performance Management works as a great solution. With a unified structure, a host of different tools - online and offline - and easy data metrics and gathering capabilities, no information will be out of your reach.

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