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Written by KOVA Corp

Providing quality customer service is one of the main goals of most contact centers. By promoting strong customer service, contact centers are looking to drive their performance and improve their organization’s position in today’s competitive market. With so many companies working towards the same goal, it is natural to wonder exactly what the customer’s think of your company in return. Do they appreciate the customer service you’re providing? Do they think it could be better? With the Customer Experience and Survey Software from KOVA, you can take away the uncertainty and know once and for all what your customers think of you and your performance.

This software, which is a browser-based solution, allows companies to gather feedback from their clients at the end of calls through either IVR or email surveys. It utilizes short surveys to collect information about products, staff performance and other relevant indicators. The program has high response rates, which allows you to have a representative sample from a variety of clients.

Through the collection of data, the Customer Experience Software provides a variety of diverse benefits for your contact center. The software program is part of the network of Verint Media Recorder, which includes Speech Analytics, Text Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management. Together, the information within this network facilitates your ability to share information easily between others in the office.

Aside from this major benefit, others include quality monitoring, quality evaluation forms, speech analytics, performance management and lessons management.

Quality management allows your contact center to link the recorded customer conversations with the corresponding surveys. Not only can you obtain survey responses, but they will also be put in the context of a conversation, providing more thorough answers to each question.

Quality evaluation forms provides you with the opportunity to compare the internal and external quality scores that your contact center receives. Determining the discrepancies or consistencies in both evaluations can be an important indicator for quality.

Speech analytics, slightly different from text analytics, analyzes the audio recording of customer responses, helping to identify trends, for example, between the answers provided by different customers.

Performance management utilizes advanced scorecards to provide key performance indicators. Once the information is obtained, you can compare the customer’s ratings with the service goals that your contact center previously determined.

Finally, lesson management refers to the workshops and eLearning sessions available according to customer feedback. Based on scores from customers, these sessions will be sent to the employee’s desktop to help improve their service.

The Customer Feedback software can be an invaluable tool for companies to utilize.  Not only does it provide a contact center with a host of benefits including quality monitoring, speech analytics and lesson management, it can lead to an improved overall performance by agents. This type of improvement is a guessing game without the information provided by a software program such as that offered by KOVA.

If you would like more information on the Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback software, contact KOVA today. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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