Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback – Assessing Customer Beliefs Correctly

Written by KOVA Corp

Companies invest a considerable amount of time and money into gathering feedback from its valued customers. Despite their best efforts, most companies end up gathering inaccurate data from their customers. Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback enables companies, especially call centers, to acquire the truth about what their customers truly think about them.

Here is a closer look at the Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback solution and how it can help your business rise above every challenge.

Cost-Effective Multi-Level Feedback Possibilities

Most customer feedback is usually in a single form. It may be in the form of survey, an online poll or a quick question after a call. Each method provides a certain degree of information to companies. To gain more, companies employ multiple methods. However, not only is this time-consuming, it’s financially taxing.

Whether it is on a call, through an email, as a browser-based solution, on a social media platform and more, Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback is a cost-effective way to acquire feedback through multiple channels.

Simple Acquisition for both Companies and Customers

When it comes to acquiring information from customers, it’s vital that you ensure that information acquisition is simple. Not only should providing feedback be easy for customers but easy for companies to acquire.

The Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback solution gives companies the power to effortlessly create forms to gather data that is right for them. Moreover, it allows customers to fill data and you to acquire it, in no time at all.

Contextual Feedback

Companies acquire feedback from their customers throughout the year. While encouraging, the data gathered is rarely contextual and may not provide an accurate depiction of a customer’s perception about your company.

Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback allows you to acquire data almost instantly from customers. It can be at the end of a call, upon exiting a website, or when they first land on it. Acquiring data immediately enables acquisition of contextual customer feedback.

Cross-Solution Compatibility

Compatible with a range of other solutions such as the Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics, you can not only acquire customer feedback after or before an event, but during it as well. By analyzing calls, texts, videos, polls, report cards and detailed feedback using the multiple tools provided, you can gain more information from every feedback and/or call than ever before.

More than just acquiring a greater amount of data than ever before, cross-solution compatibility allows you to build a unified platform for your business needs. Analyzing calls and customer feedback will allow you to assess whether your employees are doing well, causing good feedback, or whether their reduced performance is the cause of negative feedback.

Simple to use, cost-effective to maintain, and easy to implement, Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback helps you find out what people really think about your company. KovaCorp’s Verint Media Recorder solutions, including Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback, help companies, businesses and organizations learn about themselves through the eyes of their customers. Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback allows for it to be done in a cost-effective, timely and effortless manner.

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