How To Gain Actionable Intelligence From Big Data

Written by KOVA Corp

Big data has become a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. That’s because analytics are making it easier to gather huge amounts of information and sort through them. A task that would have taken a prohibitive amount of time can now be done quite quickly. But there’s a problem. Just because you’re able to gather vast amounts of data, and even sort through it, that doesn’t mean that you’re getting actionable information out of it.

Analytics for a contact center can be hugely beneficial, allowing managers to take thousands of calls and analyze them for trends. And that can be overwhelming when you first begin using analytics. How do you get information that you can actually use out of all this data, and use it to enhance your caller’s experience?

Decide What You Want
If you’re new to big data, you may be thinking that you’ll collect all of this information, apply analytics, and then unforeseen insights will suddenly come out of that data. And yes, you might be able to spot some trends that you didn’t already know about, but you’ll get more out of it if you already know what you’re trying to learn. Basically, know what you want to learn from your data ahead of time instead of just hoping you’ll come across something.

Remember The Context
Even when you find an insight in all of that data, remember what’s going on in real life. Maybe you find a problem with call length when customers call about a certain product. That could mean your agents aren’t handling the problem well, or it could mean that the answer is to their question is simply more complex. Don’t act on data without making sure you have the proper context surrounding it.

Make It Clear
This will probably come as no surprise, but it’s tough to turn a wall of data into something actionable that your agents and back office can actually use. Once you have the data you need, and you’ve got a plan in place, make it clear and give your employees a visual that they can refer to.

Act On It
If you’ve got information that says you should change a policy, schedule agents differently, or train them for different situations, then now’s the time to do it. The problem with big data is that the sheer amount of it can easily be overwhelming. If you know you’ve done everything right and you’ve come up with something actionable that can improve your contact center, then you should move on it.

Your contact center has plenty of data that you can use to improve customer service. You just have to know how to successfully use analytics, and how to finally act when you come a conclusion.

At KOVA, we’re experts at getting businesses the software they need to successfully gain actionable intelligence from big data. So contact KOVA today if you’re ready to start using the power of analytics in your contact center.

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