Empowered Employees Deliver Satisfied Customers

Written by KOVA Corp

The obvious goal of every call center is to maximize their company’s profits by increasing revenues and minimizing costs.  All too often, however, enterprises focus on one side of the equation – to the detriment of the other. One vital but often overlooked dynamic provides a strategy to achieve both:

As the two principal stakeholders in the call center process, both the customer and your employee are equally invested in the success of a call. Enjoying a smooth interaction that leads to a resolution is a mutual goal, and greater customer satisfaction with the process positively impacts the quality of your employees’ interaction with them.

In other words, it is in your employees’ interests to improve customer satisfaction by adopting practices that specifically address the needs of their callers as efficiently as possible.  Greater customer satisfaction leads to high revenues, and focus driven improvements result in lower costs.

Assessing those needs, however, can be problematic. Verint Media Recorder Quality Monitoring provides a comprehensive solution by helping you to capture, evaluate and learn from customer interactions so that you can empower your call center representatives to deliver solutions.

The first step is to gather customer feedback across all channels of interaction using Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions, including:

  • Speech Analytics to mine recorded calls.
  • Text Analytics to identify and sort text-based communications, including all internet exchanges such as email, postings on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, chat sessions, and forums.
  • Enterprise Feedback Management to capture customer feedback from the contact center, as well as any independent inputs such as mobile and Post-Call IVR Surveys.

The capability of Voice of the Customer Analytics to identify and capture customer opinions as expressed on the internet is critical.  As we all know, more folks are sharing their views on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other internet venues than ever before.

In fact, those customers most negatively or positively impressed by your performance appear to be more likely to register their opinion online than, say, a formal survey response that may limit their responses.

The next step is to analyze that customer feedback so that employees can be evaluated and training can be provided to enhance their performance.  Key features of the Verint Media Recorder Quality Monitoring system include:

  • Automatic delivery of calls for timely evaluation.  Based on user-defined criteria, the Smart Inbox allows recorded interactions to be directly delivered to a desktop.
  • Intelligent, customizable evaluation forms can be designed to reflect specific business objectives.
  • Agent scorecards with an extensive set of KPIs can be customized to specific contact center needs.
  • A unified evaluation and playback workspace so that supervisors can avoid toggling between systems and screens.
  • Synchronized audio and screens to minimize the time required to perform evaluations.
  • eLearning sessions can be automatically assigned to agents based on scorecards and evaluations.
  • Centralized staff administration and reporting.
  • Optional functionality providing PCI and Recording Encryption to achieve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

All of these features support a central standardized structure to identify and track performance metrics for both individuals and teams.

Of course, Call Center Performance Metrics are only valuable when tied to specific actionable solutions such as coaching and elearning.  Verint Media Recorder Performance Management allows management to help their employees by offering:

  • Advanced Scorecards display each employee’s role-appropriate metrics gathered from data-driven assessments, allowing them to accurately address their educational requirements.  Management can create their own KPIs or choose from a wide array of preset KPIs.  Moreover, whenever performance falls below a predetermined threshold, coaching sessions can be automatically scheduled, allowing supervisors to focus on those who most need attention.
  • Desktop and Process Analytics of each employee’s desktop activities provides supervisors with the ability to gauge and address their overall productivity by identifying problem areas that contribute to downtime and inefficiencies.  This information is automatically fed into Advanced Scorecards in computing KPIs.
  • Coaching opportunities are prompted by scorecard results, allowing managers to help their employees by offering focused guidance.
  • Real time access by managers to agents’ activities on a daily basis helps managers to track a variety of metrics, including adherence to scheduling, queue-level operations (handle times, volume, and backlog) and the age of work items. Actionable alerts when metrics fall below prescribed levels focus the manager’s attention on critical bottlenecks. The Volume Capture Tool gathers relevant data from disparate systems (including manual input) so that managers can better schedule work arrivals and manage the distribution of work assignments among available resources.

The analysis of customer feedback and its translation into actionable steps for your agents is indispensable to the quality of the service they can provide. Armed with relevant information and training about how they can better serve callers, they are far more likely to enjoy successful interactions with your customers.

Empowering your agents to identify and understand those issues that contribute to customer satisfaction is a powerful tool – one that allows them to succeed and thrive while delivering customer satisfaction. Verint Media Recorder Quality Monitoring provides you with a system to do exactly that.

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