Calling 9-1-1 Is Just the Beginning

Written by KOVA Corp

In an emergency situation, Americans are taught to call 9-1-1. The standardized emergency number has a rather short history, but has quickly become the model of what to do when you need help. With a quick call, you can be sure a team will be dispatched to your location and provide you with whatever type of help you need, whether it be medical aid or law enforcement. When you or your loved ones are in trouble, the first instinct is to call 9-1-1, but the truth is, there’s a lot more going on behind that simple call than you may be aware of.

KOVA’s public safety solutions are installed in many emergency call centers, designed specifically with your safety and comfort in mind. From call recording software to information security management, KOVA has designed its software programs to help government, public and private organizations be as effective as possible in their emergency responses.


An emergency alert notification system that communicates to multiple agencies, business and public systems such as loudspeakers to ensure that emergency messages are received by as many people as possible. This public safety software is integral to save time, resources and even lives in compromising situations. KEANS is 100% personalized, based on the needs of each specific client.


PSIM, or physical security information management, is an emergency management software program that allows business to effectively manage systems, reduce costs and increase the security of their information. Various system operators can securely share information, which facilitates their ability to collaborate and improve operations. If you are calling 9-1-1, feeling endangered by a situation that you want to remain private. PSIM will help to ensure that the information you provide over the phone remains secure.


Another public safety software program, Audiolog is a multi-media recording system designed for use as a stand-alone recorder, which allows important data to be reviewed in the field, as well as inside of the office. For emergency situations, this means that the dispatchers will have all information available to them, no matter where they are; possibly reducing their response time.

Verint Media Recorder

The final public safety solution is Verint Media Recorder offered by KOVA, the most integrated option of all of the programs. Not only does it include multichannel recording, like Audiolog, but also increases the effectiveness of 9-1-1 and emergency call centers. Highlighted by its performance management, quality assurance, workload forecasting and analytical abilities, call centers with this public safety software will optimize many aspects of their business technologies.

You haven’t just dialed 9-1-1; you’ve protected yourself under the KOVA system. Now that you know the systems behind the emergency dispatch software and emergency call centers, you can feel that much safer after calling for help. While you’re waiting for first responders, you can have the peace of mind that KOVA is protecting you as well. For more information on any of the public safety systems listed above, call us at 1-800-204-5200 or contact us online.

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