Big Data in the Customer Service Environment

Written by KOVA Corp

It’s hard to talk about customer service metrics and strategy today without bringing up the role of Big Data. What exactly is Big Data and what role should it play in your overall customer data management strategy?

Big Data Defined

The term Big Data (also referred to as enterprise big data) is a buzzword that refers to the huge volumes of data available from multiple sources (such as documents, media, social media, and the public web, both structured and unstructured), and due to its size and/or complexity is difficult to manage through traditional software and database strategies. 1 Data junkies, IT personnel, and software developers are all talking a lot about Big Data these days. What strategies and solutions can be utilized to get these massive volumes of data from multiple locations to work together—and ultimately offer positive outcomes for both the business and the customer?

In the customer service environment, the hope is that getting a better handle on what all of this data can tell us will result in numerous benefits such as:

  • Improved efficiencies and processes
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Improved analysis and training of agents
  • Cost-savings from better management of staffing levels and needs
  • Improved product tracking
  • Early fraud recognition
  • Reduced input errors

These are just a few of the benefits that Big Data can offer businesses. We know what it can do, but where does it come from?

From Where Does the Data Originate?

Enterprises have long been collecting data about their customers and the customer service experience through a variety of channels. As businesses have evolved through the years so too have the different options they have at their disposal to connect with customers.

Just think of all of the different places and ways from which businesses can collect information about their customers:

  • Brick and mortar locations
  • Call centers
  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Recorded calls and/or voicemails
  • Chat technology
  • Text messages
  • Locator services
  • Website and other Internet interaction
  • Surveys
  • Service call sites (i.e. customer’s home or office, roadside, etc.)

The challenge today is finding a way to import, manage, and analyze all of this data, from different types of technology and use it to your advantage. Still, Big Data is only one piece of the puzzle.

Big Data: A Necessary Component of Customer Data Management

A recent Wall Street Journal article points out that Big Data is just one component of a fully integrated customer data management strategy. The authors point to four pieces of technology that this strategy should include. Predictive analytics, in-memory technologies, and data virtualization need to come together with Big Data in this new version of IT architecture. 2 Combining all this information will allow your contact center management to make strategic decisions—from new campaigns to procedural changes—that will best benefit your organization.

Does Big Data leave your business boggled? Know that it isn’t going away and is only getting bigger. Now is the time to evaluate your data sources and how you can use them most effectively in the short-term. Determine what resources and technology you should utilize to make your business more efficient and profitable in the long-term, while improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

KOVA Corporation offers a variety of solutions to help businesses get a handle on their Big Data. Contact us today to learn more.

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