Audiolog for Contact Centers: Record, Evaluate, Grow

Written by KOVA Corp

Audiolog is a powerful software solution that grants contact centers the ability to go beyond regular audio recording capabilities. Powered by Verint Systems, Inc., the software enables calls, texts, emails and web chats to be recorded off multiple sources. With advanced optional features, AudioLog helps businesses record, evaluate and grow faster than ever before.

Cost-Effective Recording Solutions

Contact centers almost always require multiple programs to record, archive and analyze data such as calls and customer feedback. Designed to offer more in one complete solution, Audiolog provides greater value for money by handling the job of multiple programs in one, complete unified solution. Not only does this make it a cost-effective solution, it enables easier familiarity and usage.

Deliver Precision Training Seminars

For most businesses, creating training seminars requires the collection of massive amounts of data, its analysis, reporting and interpretation before it can be used in a training program. With multiple programs in use, this can take most businesses quite some time. With Audiolog, that time is dramatically reduced and you see improved results.

With the ability to effortlessly record data from multiple sources, including telephone calls, text messages, email, web chats and even PBX, you can gather data faster than ever. With built-in analysis and reporting tools, although some are optional, your trainers can create program easily and deliver precise training seminars that deal with current issues your center is facing.

Enhanced Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals rely on the use of a library of data to monitor the quality of an individual, their growth and their potential in a company. We know that they can be difficult and delays can surface if data is not available in time. With a multitude of quality monitory tools, Audiolog helps you gather the data you require to analyze the performance of an employee, even creating scoring reports to gauge performance.

Helping your Business Comply Better

For any business gathering and storing data, they are required to ensure data protection and encryption both during recording and after. With encryption management features, Audiolog makes compliance an easy and relatively cost-effective task.

In fact, there are times when customers provide sensitive data and it cannot be recorded. Audiolog can be programmed to pause all recording when certain criterion are met - for example, when a client enters bank pins. This ensures the protection of data and ensures your business meets compliance.

Effortless Analytics

More than just gathering data, businesses require a way to analyze data. In most cases, this is rather precise data. For example, it may include customers who left negative feedback 2 hours after peak hours. Audiolog can do all this and more almost always with a push of a single button. Audiolog even allows you to access recordings and management tools from a remote location.

For businesses who require a unique all-in-one powerful and cost-effective data recording solution, Audiolog presents itself as a clear choice. With a host of tools to use, Audiolog helps you record and analyze data and grow faster than ever.


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