7 Tips for Using VoC Programs to Spur Customer Loyalty

Written by KOVA Corp

In the business world today, relationships are everything. Purchasing decisions are often driven by the strength of the connection a consumer feels with a certain company. This rapport with a brand is what leads to true customer loyalty ─ an emotional connection with a business that turns a one-time buyer into a repeat customer.

So what’s the best way to make customers feel that they have a meaningful relationship with your company? By asking for their input, and then acting on it. Implementing a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program makes customers aware of the fact that you care about their opinions so much, you’re willing to make changes in your business based on their experiences and ideas.

According to Verint Systems, Inc., our partner in enterprise intelligence solutions, there are seven ways to use VoC initiatives to inspire customer loyalty.

1.  Implement a formal VoC program. It’s one thing to develop a nebulous VoC strategy, and quite another to implement a formal VoC program. Without solid plans in place for collecting and then acting upon the data gathered with a VoC initiative, any customer loyalty results achieved will not be measurable. Management buy-in and program coordination at all levels of the enterprise are vital.

2. Use a common platform to collect VoC and VoE data. Regular customer and employee surveys are crucial to developing a well-rounded picture of customer attitudes. But if all the data gathered from these surveys is not stored together in one central location, important pieces of the puzzle can be overlooked. Using a common platform to organize all feedback puts every detail at a company’s disposal.

3. Integrate CRM data into VoC programs. By incorporating Customer Relationship Management data into a VoC program, surveys can be personalized, which leads to a greater response rate and a richer set of data to analyze.

4. Share VoC data throughout the enterprise. Every employee in an organization needs access to the VoC data pertaining to their area of responsibility. Only in this way will it become truly actionable.

5. Measure and share VoC data with employees. Employee performance is a significant factor contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty. As such, any data collected from customers on this topic must be shared with the employees concerned, in order for them to be able to improve.

6. Co-create with customers. VoC data must be utilized if it is to inspire loyalty. Customer input should be taken into consideration at every point in the lifecycle of a product or service, from planning and development to implementation and marketing.

7. Share VoC data with customers. If customers aren’t told that their ideas are being implemented, they won’t feel that their feedback has had any effect. Customer loyalty can only be developed when a business reports back to customers with the specific action being taken in response to their comments.

By putting these seven tips into action, enterprises can harness the power of a VoC program to inspire customer loyalty. If your enterprise could benefit from increased customer loyalty, contact KOVA to see how we can customize a VoC program to fit your unique needs.

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