5 Public Safety Myths that are Limiting Your Success

Written by KOVA Corp

There are many myths out there about public safety, and many people take them as fact. However, you’re in the industry of righting wrongs, fighting for justice, and keeping people safe: you’re someone who always wants the correct information. We’ve gathered five of the biggest misunderstandings about public safety software to help increase your organization’s efficiency.

The myth: Technology slows down first responders at best and obstructs them at worst.

It is true that during a public safety event, time is of the essence. Each official experiences a speeding up sensation, a compression of time. His or her training kicks in; the mind runs on adrenaline to achieve incredible accomplishments. During this critical time, these men and women deserve support tools that are seamless enough to feel like part of their bodies—tools that never fail during the times when users need it the most. When the public safety software is a good enough tool, it doesn’t slow down responders; rather, it helps resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

Similarly, Kova’s public safety software allows you to review cases after the fact. This is useful for internal quality assurance as well as during legal investigations. With our technology, you’ll have timestamps, protection from accusations of tampering and the assurance of fail-safe operation. First responders need tough, constant training, because you know as well as we do that saving a few seconds can save multiple lives in our industry.

Our speech analytics tools scan content of calls to find and automatically report trends like unexpectedly linked cases or customer satisfaction rates.

The myth: Public safety solutions are only available for public safety answering points.

While we do offer contact center software, Kova Corporation has a variety of premium products and services meant to help you with all of your public safety needs. Professionals who spend any time in the field serving the public have found our tools helpful, from social workers and health inspectors to police and detectives.

The myth: Audio is the only important information to gather in the field.

Kova’s SilentPartner is to public safety what the instant replay is to professional sports. It is the only public safety cell phone recording system that records audio and captures text messages, photos and videos, allowing review of vital, ephemeral moments. It then immediately transfers all important data, including caller ID, related GPS locations, and dialed digits to headquarters. This transfer speeds up incident resolution by eliminating hours of evidentiary collection and manual logging. This tool can help create an expanded pool of evidence and more detailed picture of public safety concerns, particularly in noisy environments like protests, sporting events, or parades when traditional audio may not be as useful on its own.

The myth: It’s difficult to personalize this software.

We customize our Command and Control Center solutions for each and every client, because we truly understand your system is just as unique as your organization. No matter whether you want to start from scratch or simply upgrade what you’ve already got in use, we can help optimize your resources and your workers. No two KEANS setup is alike, for example: we can create a system for you that integrates with current system only adds the features that suit your needs best.

The myth: Public safety solutions are expensive.

At Kova Corporation, our products are created with backwards compatibility so you’re never forced to trade in because your technology is obsolete. Our Audiolog recorder, for example, was designed to allow new technology to easily integrate to the existing model. This difference (which is rare in the industry) reduces the upfront cost of using our technology as well as lowers support needs.

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