3 KPIs That Will Help You Measure Customer Satisfaction

Written by KOVA Corp

Improving your software systems to better your contact center’s customer service is vital - but you can’t stop there.

Simply putting new programs and processes in place, whatever they are, isn’t going to be effective unless you can obtain and analyze the data that comes out of those efforts. That’s where data analytics comes into play.

So how do you find out if your new policies, technology or incentive programs are delivering the specific results you need? There are several different KPIs your data analytics program should measure.

Overall customer satisfaction

Nothing is more important that customer satisfaction for a call center tasked with providing customer service.

By conducting regular surveys of the customers you deal with, you’ll get hard data on how many of your customers would rate their level of satisfaction as extremely or very satisfied. And while these surveys aren’t always objective, they can at least give you a good idea of whether your efforts are helping or hurting.

Improvement in customer satisfaction

Another effective way to gauge your customer service rating is to keep track of changes in the level of satisfaction over time.

Take a look at the trends in your surveys from before you implemented your changes until a few months after the changes took effect, to see how customer satisfaction may have changed.

Just be ready to accept what the data tells you. Sometimes, the results might not be what you expect; changes don’t always cause a positive trend, and it might take time to find the solution to declining satisfaction. It’s even possible that the older methods you were using were more effective, and you should go back to them.

Customer retention rates

It’s important to think about the future as well as the past, so in addition to keeping track of your center’s satisfaction levels over time, make sure to include questions in your surveys about whether or not a person would use your services again, or if they would recommend your call center to others.

The level of customer recommendation is also known as the Net Promoter Score, and it can often reveal if your changes, your staff and whatever automated services you’ve begun using are truly going the extra mile.

After all, it’s one thing for a customer to say they had a satisfactory experience; it’s another for them to go out into the world and tell others about the experience they had. The Net Promoter Score is therefore a valuable metric for measuring your success.

It’s also important to find out how many of your customers would be likely to purchase further products from the company you represent at your call center. This measurement, also called the Conversion Rate, is another important KPI.

Additional data

Those survey questions are a great general way to proceed, but there’s plenty of hard data you can use to measure your call center’s customer service effectiveness. Has your center’s resolution time improved? How high are your employee productivity rates? How are your employee retention rates?

An effective data analytics program can give you the ability to measure these more intricate statistics and make a determination about your contact center’s effectiveness.

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