SilentPartner: Much More Than Just a Data Capture App

KOVA is excited to share a brand new video about our mobile recording platform, SilentPartner, which turns your smartphone into a multi-purpose tool for capturing data while on the go.  There are some apps that help you while away the time with a game, launching birds at unstable structures or decorating virtual cupcakes with virtual sprinkles. There are some that.

5 Reasons Not to Overlook Your Back Office

The back office is just as integral to your business as your customer service agents - and yet, this area of contact center business doesn’t receive nearly as much investment While the back office has undergone a lot of changes in recent years, many back offices still handle many tasks manually, and they may use a lot of paper. Using workforce management software to .
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Tapping Into the Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Tim Whiting of Opinionlab recently wrote a great article about tapping into the Voice of the Customer (VoC) when delivering an optimal website redesign. While the article is specific to website redesign, it applies to any area of your business where you’ll have customer contact. Customer relationships are the key to any successful business, but they’re the.
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How Big Data is Powering Smart Cities Across the Country

With the advent of big data and the internet of things, new realms of possibility have opened for truly “smart” cities - cities with digitally interconnected and technologically managed infrastructures, operations, and citizen interface. The most-used definition of big data goes something like this: huge data sets that can be analyzed in order to show patterns and.
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How the Right Workforce Management Software Can Increase Employee Engagement

Employees are the heart of your contact center, yet too often, they’re disengaged and dissatisfied. When this happens, performance drops - and in turn, so does customer service and your bottom line. One way to help keep employees on task and at the top of their game is to implement workforce optimization and management software. Workforce optimization and.
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3 Often-Overlooked Benefits of a Physical Security Management System

A physical security management system has the ability to enhance security effectiveness while minimizing costs. The system allows multiple users to view events from multiple sites simultaneously so they have more information and are more prepared to deal with a security breach. A physical security management system like KOVA Corp’s Nextiva Physical Security.
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The Latest Developments in Public Safety Technology

Public safety is going increasingly high tech. Though officers in the field are an indispensable and irreplaceable necessity, “manpower” is now being supplemented and augmented by “tech power.” From video analytics to license plate recognition to wearables and embedded sensors to drone-collected aerial imagery to digital fingerprint scanning to 3-D scanners to.
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5 Steps to Making the Transition to a Fully-Digital Contact Center – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our post on transitioning to a fully-digital contact center. Read Part 1 here. Create an e-care contact strategy map. Develop a detailed map that illustrates which customer requests can be addressed at which touchpoints to see where digital functionality should be developed. It’s critical to keep in mind that not every touchpoint is best served.
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5 Steps to Making the Transition to a Fully-Digital Contact Center – Part 1

In the recent past, digital was seen as an optional part of “business as usual.” Currently, however, digital has become so integral to the way people work, communicate, and interact, that it’s no longer an optional part of “business as usual,” but rather its defining feature. As Lindsey Anderson and Irving Wladawsky-Berger argue in their Harvard Business.
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Integrating Social Media Into Your Contact Center’s Customer Service Offerings

Customer service has changed drastically from the days of telephone-only call centers. From automated systems to chatbots to 24/7 online service, there are certainly a lot of new ways for your contact center agents to provide your customers with excellent service. But what about social media? Are sites like Twitter and Facebook perhaps the real future of customer.
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3 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Boost Your Contact Center’s Success

There’s a new idea that’s fast gaining speed in many areas of business, and it’s called predictive analytics. It’s a complex process with a relatively simple definition. Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that is used to create predictions about what might occur in the future. By combining processes and methods including data mining,.
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