SilentPartner: Much More Than Just a Data Capture App

KOVA is excited to share a brand new video about our mobile recording platform, SilentPartner, which turns your smartphone into a multi-purpose tool for capturing data while on the go.  There are some apps that help you while away the time with a game, launching birds at unstable structures or decorating virtual cupcakes with virtual sprinkles. There are some that.

Books Every Call Center Manager Should Read

Managing a busy call center can be an incredibly challenging job, and it often might seem like, with all of the non-stop changes and innovations coming to the industry, it’s impossible to find the right guide for a manager who needs some tips or just a little help. But as it turns out, there’s a healthy market of call center-related books for a manager or.
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5 Ways to Help Your Contact Center Employees Relieve Stress

The general public doesn’t often think of contact center work as particularly stressful. However, customer service can be an extremely stressful profession. Contact center employees have to deal with any number of possible stressors, from angry customers, to ineffective training, to staying on top of new policies or procedures that may have just been put into.
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Our Top Picks of the Best Public Safety Blogs on the Web

Public safety is an ever-changing subject with so many different iterations that it’s hard to keep up. It’s important that all of these different elements work in concert with one another, so we offer a range of topics that stand alone but are interconnected at the same time. But we’re by no means the only place to go for blogs that educate and inform those in.
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How To Determine Which KPIs Are Most Useful For Your Contact Center

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a great way to focus your contact center on improvement by using the data that you generate every day. The idea is that you use several KPIs to measure different parts of your performance—call time, agent turnover rate, or first contact resolution, for example. By monitoring and measuring these KPIs, you can see exactly where you.
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How Emotional Intelligence Training Can Improve Your Call Center’s Customer Service

Think for a moment about how important it is to see the person you’re talking to in order to understand what they’re trying to say. The look on their face or their body language can clue you into what they really mean, even if their words are telling you something different. Now imagine sitting at a desk and listening to someone’s voice. What tools do you have to .
June 2nd, 2017|Workforce Management|0 Comments

How Better 911 Call Data Can Improve Emergency Outcomes

It’s virtually impossible to overstate how precious time can be in an emergency situation, especially the time between when an emergency is called in and when public safety workers arrive. Be it a fire, a search and rescue mission or a hunt for a fugitive, every second is precious. But time isn’t the only thing that can change the outcome of an emergency. Data is.
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So You Want to Be an Emergency Dispatcher/telecommunicator or Telecommunicator

Every important job has standards, and that’s certainly true of the positions of emergency dispatcher/telecommunicator and emergency telecommunicator. It’s a critical occupation in which an employee has to work quickly and efficiently with decisive action, because lives are quite literally on the line. In short, it’s not a job for everyone. But when a public.
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How Technology is Helping Keep Public Safety Workers and Citizens Safe

Risk is part of the job for many, if not all, public safety workers - but unnecessary risk should never be. Keeping those workers safe in the event of a natural disaster so that they can then keep the public safe is crucial, and agencies should seek the best possible ways to do so. Luckily, we live in an era when technology can be a big help to all those in the public.
May 4th, 2017|Workforce Management|0 Comments

6 Ways to Help New Contact Center Employees Succeed

Contact center work can be rewarding because it’s such a great test of quick-thinking, multi-tasking and customer service. Finding an employee who excels at all of those things can be challenging, however, and contact center work can often be the first job of a young person who’s just entered the workforce. So the challenge is to create a training program that.
May 3rd, 2017|Workforce Management|0 Comments

7 Invaluable Tips for Tech Support Contact Centers

Technical support is possibly one of the most difficult areas a contact center agent can work in. As part of an off-site company, it can be challenging to get the information you need from your callers - much more  so than as part of an on-site service that can simply take a look at the device and diagnose the problem in person. So what is it that makes a good tech.
April 27th, 2017|Workforce Management|0 Comments
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